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  1. I am thinking 2015 - when it is east coast to west coast. I will have to send my bike east and then ride it west. A guy can 'dream' right :har
  2. ha - ha I was doing a online search for 'victory highway' and came up with these guys http://www.victoryhwy.com/ :tu
  3. "We rented a house a block from downtown." You forgot to list the address :ltr
  4. If I could get the time off from work I would do both, but alas, just enough time for my first time, and maybe my last, to Sturgis with my brother who rides an HD [still love him anyway :gf ]
  5. Re: time - yes If I can swing it next year I would like to ride the last 2 legs into San Francisco area. Got to save some vacation time - hope to go to Sturgis as well.
  6. Manny - nice pics. Your pops place - I bet there is some history in that neck of the woods. My mind always wanders to what it was like 50 100 years ago in places that look to be very old and with an interesting history. Did you ride straight through from Utah to home?
  7. Patti - say it ain't so - retiring from the V2V leadership?? I am sure it has been a labor of love and at times very very trying. THANK YOU for all of your time and effort these past years. Who ever replaces you will have some big mc boots to fill :chpr
  8. Thanks for sharing the pics - nice to see our brothers and sister's from other parts of this great country :usa
  9. Wow - had a great time on my first V2V - it was great to meet people in person after seeing their posts here for quite awhile. What a fun bunch we are :beer The ride to Carson city was fun. Manny led the way and did a great job. We stopped for lunch in Galt and when I was paying my bill one of the employee's asked which car was our chase vehicle? I said your thinking of HD - we ride Victory's and don't need a car to pick up parts along the way :gf The ride over the Sierra's Thursday was beautiful - ride the twisties at 7,000-8,000 feet was fun. I just had a Ness big shot and Cheap shot installed Weds before the ride and could definitely feel a difference in the vic's pulling ability. When we got down to the valley floor where Carson city is, we were about 10 bikes strong. At a couple of stop lights there was a large trailer with the signage for the local HD dealer along side of us. I looked over but the guy would not make eye contact - sissy - :har We decided later that he was probably hauling some HD's and was embarrased about that :ir Rode home Friday am after the group left for Ely -sure wanted to ride along but family stuff this weekend. Started the ride home with Redd and Pappi - in S Lake Tahoe we took separate routes home. I stopped several times and took pictures - what a beautiful ride home. Will try to post pictures later for all to see. Just remembered - I was on Hwy 5 headed south on my way home and a bee went up my pant leg. I looked down the road and saw an HD dealer and pulled off and walked in real quick and said I have a bee in my pants can I use your rest room? Sales guy is eye balling my VMC patch and my Victory patch on my vest and say's suuuurrre?? :what ps. in spite of what you see in the pics - we are all younger, thinner and the men have more hair :ltr
  10. Papi - I will be joining you at the Chevron in Antioch. See you their.
  11. Mike - no need to apologize - we are your brothers and sisters here. I can only imagine what the two of you are going through - you both have my prayers and good thoughts.
  12. Below also from Patti's summary. Please sign and bring with you a ride waiver: http://www.thevmc.com/files/index.html ***** IF YOU FORGET THE SIGNED WAIVER, YOUR LEG CAPTAIN WILL HAVE A COUPLE OF EXTRA'S
  13. I found the information below from Patti's post in the V2V section titled - Summary 2012 VICTORY HIGHWAY RELAY JUNE 21, 2012 ~ JULY 4, 2012 BEST INFORMATION AVAILABLE AS OF JUNE 16, 2012 @ 8:00 AM, PDT ~ Each participant on the V2V this year will receive a commemorative pin along with the VMC cling decal compliments of The VMC ~ T-shirts will be available on the road again this year. Cost is $20.00. Ask your Leg Captain or Co-Captain or you can e-maiL vicchick99@att.net and order yours. ~ All proceeds from the sale of the T-Shirts will be donated to the Blue Star Mothers of America, Inc. CA Chapter #82
  14. Yea kenny D :tu did you make a reservation at the hotel in carson city? it is recommended you do so. see above post for hotel contact and $ info.
  15. Fish - I think the 'draft' route at this time is something like: Hwy 9 to San Jose. 680 North to hwy 242, to hwy 4, to hwy 160 ... I live in Pleasanton so I am going to jump in around Pleasanton and 680. I will just listen for the sweet sound of multiple Vics and mix right in :ir
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