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    Good thing you packed the trunk rack for my Vision as good as you did, the box was just about destroyed and the bolt kit was starting to come out. This despite the Fragile handle with care stickers on it. thanks Will
  2. I just had these put in the TC on new tires one thing that the wrench at the shop thought of was to seat the bead then break a small part of it and insert the tube in the gap and dump much quicker and easier then reseat no problem,,, just make sure the opening is at the top so the beads will go to the bottom. I bought mine at bestrestproducts.com actually was able to ride to their warehouse/office and bought them in a clear plastic tube. after fucking with the beads in the front tire that is when we thought of this solution. I put 2 oz in front and 2 in the rear the tube holds 4 oz. I have only gone on the freeway since then but the mirrors do not appear to shake quite as much as they did before all in all I believe that they work. On the tire balancer at Skagit Polaris it read 4oz off with the beads in however it is a very slow spinning balancer and I think that the beads need more speed to find their place.
  3. Would the time of year be the same that would work ideally for most of us I think. Weekend before Sturgis
  4. Of course after many months of planning and 4 months of unemployment I get a call from the hall to go to work, so I will not be able to make it......DAMN
  5. So far Kat & I are planning and looking forward to it So that makes 2 more from the NW
  6. What time is the dinner on Friday? We will not be riding in until probably 5 or 6pm. Thank you
  7. Jim email me a file also and I will make sure to get them to at least 2 dealers here. Thank you
  8. I believe they are already heavily discounted and not other discounts apply.
  9. Thank you very quick shipping on the clearance items Installed already Looks Great. :y: :y: :y:
  10. I just found this out also :doh
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