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  1. Will, Once again thank you for carrying such awesome after market products. These new mirrors are fabulous. Easy install, excellent vision. I am a very happy camper!!
  2. Thanks Will, got the rack on the bike -- perfect fit and lots of great comments!!
  3. Jim, From all your northern neighbors - we thank you for your great hospitality and a "class act". Great get-together. Pat yourselves on the back bro!! Oh ya, all of us here in Alberta home safe and sound, EH!!
  4. New Wedges and Primary cover flames
  5. I agree with your choice, pic 1. I have a flame theme on my kingpin. Can this be done and any idea on price?
  6. Fianlly got 100% ok to attend. I have booked my room at BHHC July 30,31, and Aug 1. Countin the days now!
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