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  1. Thanks to all the riders who stopped in while enjoying the meet.
  2. Rick, got your glass ready, and the keg is set at COLD.
  3. If your in a truck, and looking for the most straitforward route, strait up 95, strait through NY over the GWB. Leaving Daytona between 9-10am will normally put you through all the high traffic areas after dark, if you can drive strait through. 22hrs is about right, stopping for food and gas. On the way back, leave around 6-7pm, puts you over the GWB at midnight-1am, should be through DC by dawn, missing all the high traffic again.
  4. I can tell ya, I rode through Rangely 3 weeks ago. Route 4 is in good shape, turned off onto rte 142, great ride out to 219! Ran Evans notch back down into Fryeburg yesterday, not to bad either. I think everyone is in for a treat, as long as they stay out of the contruction on 2!! Rick57 knows his way around up there pretty good anyway. He'll keep ya'll out of the bad stuff.
  5. Can't wait to meet you all. Hope to get out and ride at some point with the crew. Hope a few of you are looking forward to some quality time at the "saloon" in Oxford!!
  6. Yeah, I think there might be a little bit of a difference between a motorcycle enthusiast (sp) gathering, and the local 81.
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