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  1. The Tennessee Victory Rally will be held in Clarksville, TN this year July 13-16! There will be incredible food, awesome scenery, twisty roads, a distillery ride and good friends! Y'all come and have some fun! Check us out on FB and get registered! https://www.facebook.com/TnVictoryRally/
  2. Incredible event, wish I could have stayed longer. It was great meeting and talking to everyone and having all my questions answered...now if only those Powerball numbers would hit! Special thanks to Danny, Dean, Bob, Mark, Scott and everyone else involved!
  3. My one day ride up, hang out, ride home trip put another 491 miles on the KP...it was great meeting you guys and hanging out. Next event I will do everything I can to actually spend some time and plan on staying a little longer!
  4. Give it a week or two and it should be ripe for a "fall colors" ride
  5. I'll try to cruise up tomorrow morning for a little bit...
  6. First time I rode it was back in '99...too many people ride it now and too many people think they "know how to ride" till they get there. One must respect the Dragon
  7. I see it on the left side in front of the starter, but do you have a better picture of the mount itself....maybe taken from the left side?
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