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  1. Is there a registration fee or is it included with the hotel registration. It would be nice to have more input as to the event schedule and such. I know, I'm a pain in the ass! Inqiring minds want to know. Give us an idea what to expect
  2. I was told to use injection cleaner to minimise throttle body fouling and was recommended BG. Is this a safe bet or any recomendations are appriciated. As I was told most all fuel injection cleaners are fine with a cap full maybe once a month with a full tank of gas. Not having a problem yet and just would like some opinions regarding this, good? or bad?
  3. Count me and Debbie in from Ely to Hays
  4. What the????? Let's get something going here! Not a dang thing as far as planning as usual. Sorry, but the lack of planning for this is very irritating. All other VMC events are planned well in advance, many a year ahead. Let's get going, many need to make vacation plans ect.
  5. LEG CAPTAIN NEEDED!!! Come on now, don't make me or Tom have to do it again.
  6. The following legs need captains, 4,5,11 and 12 Please submit in the legs listed if interested or contact the V2V committee.
  7. Captain needed for this leg. If interested, please post here or contact the V2V committee
  8. LEG CAPTAIN NEEDED!!! Come on now, leg 12 and leg 11 are the only legs left without a captain. Don't make me or Tom do it again
  9. Captain needed for this leg. If interested please post here or contact the V2V committee
  10. Leg captains needed for legs 4, 5, 11, and 12 Also please verify all leg captains in the V2V forums. Thanx
  11. I have taken the liberty to post all legs for this year to insure that the V2V will live forever. PLEASE! keep this alive and you will never forget the friendships and the ride of your life. East to west this year, as always ending on the fourth. This year in San Francisco
  12. Hotel reservations: Hotel Nevada 888-406-3055 or 775-289-6665. mention Victory motorcycle Club Reserved banquit room for dinner and passing of the baton. Casino on site with reserved and secure bike parking in front of the Hotel.
  13. Lodging Date: 30-June-2009 Lodging Name: Old Victory Hotel Lodging Address: 199 Lowell St, Maybell, CO 81640 (west of city park) Lodging Phone: 970-272-3773 (Be sure to mention Victory Motorcycle Club. Lodging Alternate (If the hotel is full): Red Rose Motel 970-272-3018 Lodging Alternate: Camping area in park or at hotel Dinner: BBQ and refreshments served by hotel -- donation-based Breakfast: served by hotel -- donation-based
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