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  1. Shannon and I are in, room booked today, 3800 Miles round trip!! http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?ie=UTF&msa=0&msid= 211819826281903596477.0004996293b092b6c5094
  2. I did get them Will and will be installing this weekend.. The color is bang on, perfect, they look awesome. Will post pictures of peg extensions and the new shift rod soon. Thanks again to you and Brian for making it so easy, the support from the people in this club is amazing.
  3. Hey those extensions look familiar!! Can't wait to get them on, the color match looks perfect....
  4. That must be some of the snow thats heading my way for the weekend... Thanks!! I will do that ride again next summer, what an awesome time we had.
  5. Arrived back in the flat curve less place that is home last night, 3500 miles all without incident, just missed the hail in Sturgis!! Had a blast, and as mentioned before, Thanks Jim and everyone else that was involved, your hard work sure allowed us to have an unforgettable trip. Met some great people, its nice to be able to put faces to so many names. I'm looking forward to attending many more.
  6. Bikes packed, everythings good to go.... Leaving in 9 hours, can't wait. See you all tomorrow!!
  7. You can count me in as well... We will talk in Billings!!!
  8. Just curious, are any of the VNC vendors going to be at the meet. Always looking to buy more goodies... Also how about VMC items, shirts etc... How much money do I need to bring!! :tu
  9. I really like the look of the work you do and am interested in your luggage rack / back rest combo, I think the Tribal Spade in chrome. Could you give me a price on this, and I'm wondering about shipping costs to Canada. Thanks Brad
  10. Hi Jim, I am going to be attending the meet and will be booking this week at the BHCC. I am wondering if you can send me the poster file as I would like to put one up at our local dealer and hopefully find someone to ride down with. Will be arriving on Thursday, not sure on Fridays ride but Saturday for sure... My email is bruston@sasktel.net Thanks.... Brad
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