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  1. All, There is no better way to say this. So here it is straight up: Due to the slow recovery of the in which I work changes were made at my company and as a result I'm going back offshore. I'm leaving Wed. the 28th and my return is up in the air. Even if I returned in time to ride out mid-June I can not be unavailable for the three weeks I had originally planned. My company and coworkers have supported me in this event from the beginning and these changes, as unfortunate as they are, were necessary to put us (the company) in better shape for the industry upturn. I apologize to all those who have supported me in this endeavor. Most of all I apologize to the intended benefactors. My hopes are to pick this back up in better times. I ask that you still consider the charities for veterans, the VMC - WIN fund and The Lucas Clark Education Fund when you decide to give back this year. Sincerely.
  2. I contacted The Royal Canadian Legion for information on charities that tended to our Canadian brothers and sisters in arms and was advised that they (The Royal Canadian Legion) was not setup for this type of event. They did however point me to the Canadian Military Families Fund. I have sent and initial request to add them in place of the Legion and am awaiting a reply. To all interested, we are going to get this done. I've just working more kinks out that I had initially planned for. Thanks for your patience.
  3. All, I'll be looking into Canadian tourist visa information. Since 911 I believe thing have changed and you just can't take a drive across the border with a valid drivers licenses. Anybody have any information on this let me know and I'll post it here and on the Tex-Can pages of the website. (See the link below. If we get a support vehicle with trailer I need to see if we need to temporarily import the contents. If it's more trouble than it's worth to get the trailer across a friend has a cabin just south of the Canada/US border in Idaho that may let is leave it and pick it up on the return. This is one reason I plotted the route through Idaho other than the fact the route is beautiful. More to come.
  4. Alright, I'm getting there. A bit later than I ever anticipated. I've got the website up. There are a lot of pages under construction so forgive me. I'm chugging as fast as I can. Go to www.rockinrazranch,com and tell me what you think. The sponsor proposal is coming out soon. I promise!!
  5. I have contacted The Fisher House Charity, The Intrepid Fallen Heroes folks and sent a request to the Veterans Administration for permission to depart and return from the Veterans Hospital in Waco. Matt Krause of the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund has responded and is on board. I expect the same from Fisher House. The website for the ride is coming along and should, I hope, be and running in the next couple of weeks. The proposal is delayed pending contact from Fisher House and the Veterans Administration and website completion. I'm going as fast as my nontechnical old paws will let me. I will keep you advised.
  6. Aright! I've been through a box of pencils. Attached is a updated first half of the Texas to Canada. Someone had mentioned my first attempt had quite a bit of Interstate travel. So this attempt is 180 degrees out from that. What I ask those that live in the sections of the states this route passes through if these are reasonable are is there a better way. Keep in mind we want to see the country. Let me better define the goals I'm trying to achieve here. There are two headings. The Club & Giving Back. Club: 1) Meet other VMC members. 2) Represent the club the HOTVR Chapter and Victory motorcycles. 3) Get riders along the route involved in the ride. Giving Back: 1) Solicit sponsors to donate per mile, per rider, per state or any combination of the three to the charities below. 2) Heighten the awareness of those we e meet to think about those who have defended our "2" countries and our way of life. 3) Solicit individuals to contribute the VMC-WIN and a non-profit Veterans and/or Veterans Family support service in their area. How I propose to do this: 1) First of all "Start"! This is something I'm going to do. Just ironing out the kinks. 2) Get club members excited enough to join in. 3) Get the word out about veterans that are carrying the wounds of war and will for the rest of their lives. 4) The families of these veterans, and the veterans lost, that will be forever changed. 4) If someone wants to donate I request they split their donation with 50% going to a veterans/families support or organization and 50% to the VMC-WIN. To the VMC officers: This club is the most compassionate and giving association I've a part of. The reason the donation is split: 1) We as a club can increase what we do for those who need it. 2) I would like to see a percentage of the VMC-WIN funds received through this effort be pigeon holed for the other Lucas C larks in the world. (The club did an outstanding job for Lucas so it's not like we can't do it again). 3) With half a requested donation coming to WIN we can better track the success of the effort. Example: I meet John and Jane Smith in Missoula and they want to by donation $20.00. I would ask they send $10.00 to a Ride specific VMC-Win PayPal account or post office box. With the funds coming in to a separate account we can track donations for this effort and multiply by two to get the overall estimate. This would leave the detonator to be responsible for the other half. 4) I would not touch any of the funds unless someone wants to give cash. In that case a responsible person would be designated to handle cash and checks and get them deposited to the VMC-WIN account as soon as possible. I will have a formal proposal to submit to the board and sponsors by the first of the year. This will allow me time to sorted properly.
  7. It's getting late and I forgot to attach the Pic.
  8. Looking for sponsors, What a perfect opportunity to get your name and services out there!!! Below is the goal of my biannual run. I'd like to call it the "V" MC Ambassador Tour. First leg: central Texas to Calgary and back. 2011 central Texas to Halifax leg. (with the club BOD blessing of course!) With the V2V and this run we can meet the members only known by their screen name. South can meet North while the V2V takes care of the East/West linkup. What better way to get the VMC and the motorcycle we've married ourselves to out to the unknown. A video journal of the trip will be created and copyright can be shared by the club and sponsors. I wasn't joking when I answered Comish and said that Victory Corp is more than welcomed to lend me a Cross Country for the ride. Hell, with the interest being generated by members wanting to join the ride 8 months before it takes off, Victory could only benefit by lending the entire model line. What better advertisement than their model line going on a 4,000 + endurance run? It would be great to get as many members involved in this as possible. It can happen. All we have to do is tip that first domino!!
  9. Comish, I like the way interest is building here. Would be a pleasure having you along. I'm looking at a 2003 TC for the ride. Unless, of course, Victory wants to lend me a Cross Roads for the trip. What a promotional opportunity!!!
  10. Polar and Mikedd, As we (all that are interested) get closer we would appreciate any input from you guys and any other Canadian members. But what's most important is we get to meet you and/or ride together when we get there. Thanks!
  11. All, I'm making changes to the two legs between Denver and Missoula, Mt. Going to look at the Amarillo, TX to Denver leg as well.
  12. All, Here's the initial route map and stats for the Texas to Calgary leg. Stats were calculated at an average of 50 mph. Fuel at 135 gallons a tank. Duration at 8 hours riding time per day. I have the Google Earth files for each city to city leg if you want them PM me your e-mail address.
  13. Check out the link Polar sent, The Ice field Parkway is a 178 mile run between Banff and Jasper in the mountains. Click on the Start the Journey tab and then Continue the Joinery. You will come to the first segment map. click on the red feature dots to get information about the location. When finished with the first segment select the second from the segment bar at the top. This would be a great run if road conditions are right lodging was available at decent price. Bring some cold weather gear! http://www.icefieldsparkway.ca/.
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