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  1. "My hope is that this talk and interest makes people step up to host future VMC events and not just the National!" Ever heard of that little get together in Helen Ga every year? Called the Southeast Rally? Ever been there?
  2. Better stay inside on Tuesday...Looks like you might get wet. Dont want you melting...
  3. Hope you don't pay for that later...
  4. Hey FishWitch...don't doubt that fiance. She is one tough little rider. On 2 occasions she rode from Michigan to Helen Ga for the SE meet on a 600cc crotch rocket. Not something I would want to do. Little crazy?? Yes. My guess is Golfer didn't want to get his ass wet riding thru TS Isaac....He's getting soft in his advancing years.
  5. Jim...I am leaving now....should be at your place by August 1st.
  6. "Is there banjo music??? " Only for you sugar britches.....
  7. "What do y'all do at this event?" Ummmm....don't remember....
  8. Hey Wil...Wheres my $20 bucks...I thought you said the check was in the mail....Free advertizing my ass. LOL!!!
  9. Wait until you get it on the bike....
  10. So Will, with the Master Formula do you spank and then polish it or polish and then spank it????? I'm confussed.... Maybe I need to as Lobs...he spanks it all the time.
  11. Well...if using that other stuff will get my wife to spank me...the hell with Master Formula....
  12. I'm thinking about leaving mine at home...Only way it will survive such an outing.
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