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  1. Will be my first visit to the rally, looking forward to it.
  2. Staying across the street at the Budget INN. 1400 + Miles one way :y: c-ya in August. 8)
  3. Really pumped for this ride, anyone showing up Thursday?
  4. So is this event officially on? Was thinking of making my reservations but wanted to confirm this event
  5. Awesome . Thanks for the info, looking forward to it.
  6. Great info, much appreciated. I was initially going to turn south off of 71 (Harrisonville) onto 7 towards Clinton-Warsaw then south onto 83. Perhaps I'll merge the route you suggested with my plan.
  7. Is there decent riding in the Stockton Lk area, MO? Anyone? Just thought about jumping off the slab and checking out some areas on the way down.
  8. Looks like fun. Never been to the Ozarks and I've got that week off from work. With the cabin fever I have and old man winter holding on as lond as he can, the 900 miles one way will be (hopefully) an enjoyable one. Anything sites worth seeing along the way, I'll be coming from the North near the Canadian border in the arrowhead of Mn.
  9. In Grand Isle, VT tonight so I guess I'm out..
  10. I like to though I think I'm on the Dyno @ 3 thursday ??
  11. Is there going to be a black contrast cut (flame pattern) for the clutch cover?
  12. I'm droppin in out of Cornwall, Ontario. 37c to 37 to 11 across NY, Any construction or things to avoid??
  13. Asked my insurance co about the enhanced insurance and they just said it was a card that showed you're insured and going through Canada...? :dno
  14. I plan on it , will be traveling through Canada to get to the meet.
  15. I'm riding the entire way.what's your route? I'm up for splitin a room.
  16. Hello, I'm new here to the boards and also a first time Victory owner. I ride a variety of machines and love the diversity. I'm intrested in the camping, so I'll keep checkin back for that posted info. Until then cheers and Happy Holidays.
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