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  1. Well if that doesn't bring a smile to your face. Then something is wrong. Great job to all the organizers, volunteers, vendors, and of course those individuals who were generous with their wallets. The end result is priceless!
  2. Dude, that sucks! I am a week out before embarking on our week long journey. Looks like I will check all connections over the weekend myself. I can understand your disappointment. I would be as well. Did you purchase the bike there? If so, then they should have taken care of you asap. No excuses. ...
  3. Your customer service team is very animated while describing the products offered on your site. Personally, I'm kind of fond of the blonde with the ponytail. Just saying...
  4. Now that's a jewlery case my wife can get me to stop and look at with all those perty gems inside. Looking good sir!
  5. Both Steph and I will plan on riding with the group to GC.
  6. Will, Received my wedges as promised today. Great suggestion on the winged v 106. I'm happy we went that route. Thank you sir.
  7. Ordered my cheese wedges this afternoon. But I'm really waiting for my tobaggan hat. Damn cold here in Arizona.....
  8. That's a nice piece right there. How cold is that Jager on the back of that bike, and don't tell me you didn't have a few pulls off it either. :beer
  9. Will, Just received my set today in the mail as promised. Holy Sh&^ those are sweet! The pictures you have are nice, but do not do those covers justice! The quality and craftsmanship that go into your products are second to none. They are going to look bad ass on my bike. The only complaint that I have is waiting so long to order them. Can't wait to install them. But I'm begrudgingly going to have to wait, as I'm heading out. I'll post pics next week once I'm firmly planted back home. I do see a set of cheese wedge covers in my very near future....Thanks again.
  10. Can't wait to see all of you here. Thank you BOD and Prescott Victory Riders! Here's a little taste!
  11. Those look nice! Looks like I'm saving some more money to buy one of these bad boys. Now I wander if the wife will notice the rack on the back? She hasn't noticed the engine covers or the wedges. So perhaps I can get this one past her, as well as the new front wheel coming here soon. Dishwasher or rack? I like the retro look and it does have slots...So can I dry the dishes on the back while riding? That may be the angle I'm working :tu
  12. That looks awesome. I'm looking forward to seeing your vision side panels.
  13. That's a good look Will. That may be my very next thing to do on my vision. Unless you have another suggestion?
  14. If your travels take you to Washington State, then Kim is your guy at Skagit Valley Polaris. Top notch, and treats your bike as if it was his own.
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