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  1. I just cancelled two days ago and the girl told me the Prescott Resort is overbooked. Thats going to be interesting when people arrive thinking they have a room and don't.
  2. The site for Tomahawk/Outlaw Chrome is down. I gave Marty a call this morning and he said there are some big changes that are done and still happening. The web site is obviously one of the changes. Marty apologized as the IT guys did not put the "Under Construction" page up. Marty said the site should be back up within 30 days! If you need parts and or pictures of parts just give him a call. Sounds like a lotta good stuff!!
  3. Are the Big Slash back yet? I know they were on backorder and RPW was waiting a while before they did more.
  4. Ahhhhhhhhh.. WHATEVER.....just the typical high quality, great looking products we come to expect from Will!! :y:
  5. Angel and I are there. Frank states there are 161 rooms reserved for the VMC. What is the promo code as I would like to reserve my room now!!
  6. Black bike, black chrome...what could be better? :y: :y:
  7. That looks really good!!
  8. I still have not been able to see the difference. I've had my bike next to a JP with a 300 and the owner and I thought they looked the same. Either way that fat ass looks sweet!!!
  9. 300mm = 11.81 inches 280mm = 11.02 Less than an inch difference. Here is a shot of my 280 on a 10.5 wheel.
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