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  1. I just cancelled two days ago and the girl told me the Prescott Resort is overbooked. Thats going to be interesting when people arrive thinking they have a room and don't.
  2. Angel and I are there. Frank states there are 161 rooms reserved for the VMC. What is the promo code as I would like to reserve my room now!!
  3. At least you know you're good for something!!!!!! Lmao :y:
  4. Considering I got laid off in May and my only income is UI. $40.00 is a lot to spend right now. FREE at the Peppermill worked out just right and right on time for us.
  5. It may be a sign of the economy. People just can't afford it. If it weren't for the rates we got at the Peppermill we wouldn't have made it.
  6. I was able to get a room cheaper at the Peppermill.
  7. Hopefully Angel will get off in time for us to make the lunch stop also.
  8. The wind in their faces will do them some good! LOL
  9. I here what you are saying. I know, you know a bunch of VMCer's know. That doesn't mean squat for someone that forgets or a newbie. The point I am trying to get across is for newbies or people like me that don't ride it all the time and forget. A newbie doesn't know the dates if they just joined today or a few days before the V2V. Instead of having to do a bunch of searching just pin a thread with the history and dates (that never change). This is an event that requires planning and taking vacations etc for many.
  10. I'd like to make a suggestion. We get new members here all the time. They may know nothing of the V2V. SO saying the dates are the same doesn't help them. Personally I don't remember the start date. I remember the end because its on July 4th. Maybe Pin Patti's post of the history along with the dates? That way you click the V2V forum and there is a pinned thread that will tell you the history and the date it is held.
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