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  1. Safety first - and it is not safe. The 2011 NE Rally is cancelled for this year. We look forward to 2012 when we can get together in the Northeast with our Victory friends. We were waiting (anxiously) to speak with Marc (our Wilmington, VT member) to confirm that the news reports were, in fact, accurate, which is why there was a delay in notifying everyone. Very happy to report that Marc and Lisa are fine. So many areas have been affected by Irene. We wish everyone well and please be safe.
  2. The best way we can thank our vendors for supporting our 2010 VMC National Meet and helping to make it such a success is by providing everyone with a link to their websites and asking that we support them as they did us. A HUGE thank you from the 2010 VMC National Meet. http://massbayvictoryriders.com/Mass_Bay_Victory_Riders/2010_VMC_SPONSORS.html
  3. A HUGE thank you to all our VMC sisters and brothers who attended (and are still enjoying) the 2010 National VMC Meet. Your amazing generosity gave us the privilege to make a donation tonight to Jen's Friends Cancer Foundation in the amount of $8000.00! I am proud to be counted among you. THANK YOU. That goes For me as well!! Your generosity will be helping Family's dealing with Cancer some much needed support on an every day level. Check out http://www.jensfriends.org/ cskiwild hope you all have a safe ride home!!
  4. Town & Country Inn is very close to being booked for the 2010 VMC National Meet. We have additional accommodations that will be posted once T&C puts out the No Vacancy sign. Check out www.massbayvictoryriders.com for Meet info and Registration.
  5. Will, Any idea of your ETAs for your proposed stops at Greylock, French King or Concord Bridge? Thanks. Ilene
  6. Unlike most, this is not a free ride mountain. Doesn't matter how you reach the summit, you pay to get there. As for the huge amounts of coffee... I'd need it intravenously!
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