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  1. Are the rear passenger pegs eliminated or can they be used?
  2. I have these on my bike, they are the sickest thing on the market right now. Easy installation. Remember you will have to adjust your shifter and brake pedal a tad. These boards sit lower than the stock floorboards. If you need floorboards, buy these.
  3. The only place I shop! If I need it, Jon makes it happen.
  4. Awesome pipes, I have a set and could'nt be happier. I had some other pipes on before Jon's and these are by far a way better sounding pipe.
  5. Jon, have you thought about some black wedges or can you get them. Eric
  6. Jon, how are these looking, I'm getting antsy.
  7. You have any keyless ignitions for the 2011 Cross Countrys yet.
  8. Thanks for the Door Prizes Jon. We raised over $26,000 Dollars on Saturday for the Fisher House. @400 bikes and great weather! This is why I buy from Jon first! He made a contribution to this event without being asked.
  9. Let it Ride, I need a primary insert on a chrome filler plate that says CVMA in candy red. What will it cost and how do i order. Drifty
  10. Can you take a picture farther away from the bike, it looks kinda of big up close.
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