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  1. I bet he already bought it and is going to bring it out this weekend to show it off.
  2. Add a V92C, KingVegas, and a Kingpin as we rolled out at 7:00 am.
  3. Thanks to all of the people who put this event on this year. It was extremely well organized and a whole lot of fun.
  4. Manny, Redd, and I just got into Vegas. We are at Treasure Island. Anyone want to get together for drink? Call me at 209-765-3995
  5. Manny, Redd, and I are here at Treasure Island. Going to hit the shower and then head downstairs for dinner and adult beverages. Call me if you what to meet for a drink at 209-765-3995
  6. It looks like Manny, Redd and I will be staying at Treasure Island the night of August 3rd. XC, lets hook up for a drink that night. ETR
  7. Several of us from Nor Cal have decided to break up the trip down to Prescott into 2 days and decided that Las Vegas would be a fine stopping place for a night of fun. Can anyone suggest a good hotel on or off the strip with good parking (safe) for the scooters? Thanks
  8. Booked my room today. Now to convince Mrs. El Toro to come with me this time.
  9. Everyone did such a fantastic job putting this together. Evern the Montana State Trooper who personally welcomed our little group from CA was nice. Bob
  10. Jim, Made it home last night. I had a great time and you guys put on a top notch affair. Bob
  11. Looking forward to it. Pecos Kid, MannyRn and I are coming from CA Bob
  12. I just saw Lube's bike which has your Sissy Bar, Pad, and rack. I would like to change to a Mustang Seat and use your set up for that but I cannot tell if it will work with the Corbin Bags. What do you think? Thanks Bob
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