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  1. I have Victory performance pipes on my Vegas with baffles modified/cut per Kevin X. Would it make a difference if I switched to Monster Baffles? Would it show $80 worth of results?
  2. Everything I have read says all batteries of the same type are the same. Lithium is lithium AGM is AGM ect. Could be wrong but from what I have seen in South TX if a battery lives more than four years you are lucky. Don't know about original I am not original owner, but I will be surprised if I own my bike for another 10 years.
  3. I just changed mine yesterday, it was 10 years old. I went to advanced auto parts. $95.
  4. Everything I read said I didn't need one either, but I did read something that said if I run LED in the rear and regular in the front I need a module thing. Not for sure. All lights work. When turn signal is engaged rapid blink. When hazards are in gaged I have normal blink. So confused.
  5. OK I am finally tired of my turn signal flashing crazy. I know I have to put some module thing on. LED rears only on 04 vegas. Please help with what to buy, how many and where to get them. Thanks
  6. I found a good spot on the front caliper. All done!
  7. Well got a set of LED's and have installed 5 of the 6. I am having a hard time figuring out where to put the one on the front wheel. Any ideas?
  8. Today my engine light came on after stopping for lunch. I pulled off and shut her down. Turned it right back on and no light. Rode this morning in light rain and low 60's. When light came on it was sunny and 75. Any ideas?
  9. Let me know if anyone fro the San Antonio/Austin area are going. I would like to tag along.
  10. Help me understand "HAMMER" motor. I hear the 99 thru 02 motor referred to as a "HAMMER" motor. I thought the Hammer started with a 100 ci motor in 05 then 106 ci to current. What am I missing?
  11. Well just replaced my battery. Turns out it was the original. 4/04. Not to bad. Not sure how long they last but this one was 10 years old.
  12. When I go to start my bike I hit the button and the starter boggs down and wont completley turn over, it sounds like the starter just does not have the power to turn the engine and the lights on the dash go dim. I have to hit the start button a few times to get it to turn over. I had this problem with the starter on the old engine too, I got the new (used) engine that came with this starter and it is doing the same thing. Batt seems to be fine no issues other that start up.
  13. Thanks Witchdoctor!!! A special thanks for the active support of the Texas meet.
  14. I was looking for a 48mm. No one in Texas has one.
  15. It is a 1 7/8. I picked one up at Sears.
  16. What size socket do I need to remove the nut on the front drive pulley.92/5 motor
  17. +1 vic shop. I bought about a dozen on the last visit.
  18. Non servicable fule filter? :nono What were they thinking?
  19. Fuel filters are dirty. Had the same problem earlier this year. Replaced and all better.
  20. I use the 1356 which seems to be the same size as the factory. No problems with it.
  21. Thanks. Well ill be praying for a spring or lifter then.
  22. Well maybe ill get lucky when they tear into it on Thursday. With a valve spring or lifter will they have to pull the head? I know there is something going on in the rear head, ticking just stared and gets worse by the mile.
  23. Well according to the local dealer my nasty engine noise is a bad valve in the rear cylinder. I agree, but can't figure out how I f#@&ed it up. It only has 9000 miles and I don't think I have ever even taken it to redline. Anyone else have valve issues on the 92/5?
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