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  1. With about 6 new inches of snow and it still snowing, I wish I was with you!!
  2. Thought it was about time to introduce the chairman for the National Meet for 2010. His name is Chuck Miller and rides as a charter member of the Massachusetts Bay Victory Riders. They are a 3 year old local chapter with over 20 members. Chuck has been going to Laconia for over 40 years so he has a lot of rally experience. He retired young (dirty rotten....I want to do that!!) so has a lot of time to ride except for this year....he will be busy planning the 2010 Meet. 8) If you have questions you can reach Chuck at 2010Meet@thevmc.com or catch him out on the road on his black '04 Kingpin.
  3. The Events Committee would like to announce the 2010 National Meet will be held in the North East Region. The following is the preliminary schedule. Additional information will be added as the details are worked out. Hope to see you all there next August. The Massachusetts Bay Victory Riders with the support of other Northeast Local Chapters respectfully submits this proposal to host the 2010 VMC National Meet in North Conway, New Hampshire. Proposal Outline: Dates: August 5, 2010 to August 8, 2010 Host: Massachusetts Bay Victory Rider, with Local Chapters in the Northeast. Accommodations: Town and Country Inn Approx $84-$96 per night (Includes coffee and donuts in the morning) www.townandcountryinn.com Route 2 Shelburne/Gorham, New Hampshire‎ - (800) 325-4386 Use "Victory Meet" for special rates There is an extensive list of B&B’s and other accommodations, which will be provided upon approval of our proposal. Camping Options: White Birch Camping Park 218 State Route 2 Shelburne, New Hampshire www.whitebirchcampingpark.com - (603) 466-2022 Use "Victory Meet" for special rates Tentative Schedule of Events: Thursday August 5, 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm Meet and Greet/Registration* Friday August 6 - 7:00 am to 9:30 am Breakfast and Registration 10:00 am to 4:00 pm Ride(s) from Town and Country Inn Parking lot (TBD)** 6:00 pm Dinner and silent Auction Town and Country Inn Dinner/Auction and some creative opportunities to mix and mingle. Saturday August 7 - 6:30 am to 8:30 am Breakfast 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Ride(s) from Town and Country Inn Parking lot (TBD)** 6:00 pm to 11:00 pm Chicken BBQ and entertainment at Town and Country Inn Sunday August 8 - 6:30 am to 9:30 Depart for home *( Location depends on Weather at that time) **(Ride routes depend on condition of roads after Winter season) Additional activities/attractions: AVR and Sturgis the following week White Mt National Forest Mt Washington Auto road Cog Railway Moose tours Lost River The Flume Profile Lake Lake Winnipesauke Lake Cruise Weirs beach (Laconia) Outlet Shopping Canoe Rentals Rock Climbing Sunrise Ride to top of Mountain available with 20 people ATV Park Guided Rides To Be Determined. Unguided Rides Northern route to Balsam Hotel back over the Kanc 182 mi – about 4 hours 32 mins Portland Maine Lobster Lunch and Portland Light/Fort Williams Park 143 mi – about 3 hours 56 mins More to be added
  4. They are under review by the Events Committee. They will be voted on starting next Sunday and the results posted on November 15th.
  5. This is the last call for proposals for the 2010 National Meet. All proposals must be sent to 2009meet@thevmc.com or jkelso@unifield.com by 12:00am November 1st, 2009. All proposals will be presented to the Events Committe for review when I get up on Sunday (usually around 6am MST). Thanks to all who have worked on their proposals. I am confident next year's meet will be a great succss and hopefully Stoggy's bearing will make it all the way next year. 8)
  6. Proposals are due by Oct 31st. At that time the Events Committee will review the proposals and select one. The winning region proposal information will be released on November 15th. Hold on a little bit longer. Next year the process will be moved to one month earlier, proposals in by the end of September.
  7. Thought maybe those of you who came to the meet this year would like to know they closed the Beartooth Pass yesterday due to heavy snows. So if you want to ride it again you will have to wait until at least Memorial Day weekend 2010 to do so.
  8. So sorry to hear of your loss Will. Our fathers are there from the start and when they are gone, there is suddenly a very big hole in what always has been a given. We will have to hoist a beer together next weekend in celebration of his life.
  9. Thoughts and prayers are coming from Montana too Will. It's a long way down there so we'll just have to pray a little harder.
  10. Currently there is one proposal in from the NE Region.
  11. The time to get proposals in for next year's meet is approaching fast. I apologies for being late but my shoulder surgery has put me about a month behind. This year we will accept proposals until the 15th of October. Next year we will move it back to September where it belongs. Our hope is that we will start getting proposals in for more than just next year. National Meet Proposal Procedure 1. All National Meet proposals shall be submitted by September 31th (October 31st for this year - 2009) of the year preceding the year for which the proposal is written. Late proposals will not be accepted unless there are no other proposals for the following year. 2. All National Meet proposals shall be submitted through the Regional Representatives for the region making the proposal. 3. All National Meet proposals shall be submitted via e-mail to the National Events Chairman. 4. The Events Chairman shall post all proposals in the Events Committee Forum under a thread titled " 'Year' National Meet Proposals" (ie "2010 National Meet Proposals") on October 1st (November 1st for this year - 2009). 5. The Events Chairman shall notify all Events Committee members that the proposals are posted and require their review. 6. Each proposal shall be presented in it's entirety for review without any editing. The Events Committee Chairman may work with the regions and provide input on their proposals prior to final submission only. 7. The Events Committee shall review the posted proposals for a period of one week. 8. The Events Chairman shall create a polling thread for Events Committee voting on October 7th (November 7th for this year - 2009). 9. The Events Committee Chairman shall notify all Events Committee members of the polling thread. 10. The Events Committee shall have a period of one week to cast their vote for the proposal of their choice. 11. The Events Committee Chairman shall close the poll on October 14th (November 14th for this year - 2009) and notify the winning Regional Representatives of their proposals acceptance. 12. The Events Chairman shall then post a thread to announce the results to the general membership on October 15th (November 15th for this year - 2009). 12. The Events Committee Chairman shall establish the primary contact for the following year's National Meet and appoint that person The " 'Year' National Meet Chairman" (ie "2010 National Meet Chairman"). 13. The Events Chairman shall provide the name and screen name of the National Meet Chairman to the Webmaster who shall contact the named person to set up the National Meet Chairman e-mail account. The e-mail account shall be " 'year'meet@thevmc.com " (ie 2010meet@thevmc.com). 14. The National Meet Chairman shall be a member of the National Events Committee for the year of the meet the Chairman is hosting. 14. The Webmaster shall provide full access for the National Meet Chairman to the Events Committee forum. Thanks for all your work
  12. They look even better mounted Will. Leave them on for Lobsterfest so I can see them in person. :tu
  13. They are just too scarry looking for me. LOL Really nice Will !! :y: :y:
  14. Just hope you look as good in yours as I do in mine Randy!! ;)
  15. Just for future meet reference for anyone mailing t-shirts. You can mail a single t-shirt through first class mail as it is under a pound for approximately $2.75. You can mail a single shirt to Canada for just over $4. If you mail more than one shirt, depending on the envelope used and the size of the shirts, they probably will be over one pound and will have to go parcel post and will cost approx $7.75. If you use one of their free priority mail envelopes and stuff the two shirts in that, you can mail them for $5. The post office has nice heavy duty envelopes for 99 cents which is about as cheap as you will find a large envelope that will make it through the mail. For what it's worth. 8)
  16. Shirts will be finished tomorrow and into the mail right after that.
  17. The extra shirts are ordered and should be done in about a week. As soon as they are done I will get them into the mail. Thanks for being patient. 8)
  18. That will be a nice addition to your "WEB"site Will!! 8)
  19. Todd, Snorky and I delivered the check to the Montana Highway Department today on behalf of the Montana Hope Project. As Sgt. Ayers said, it's all about the memories...the memories out of the hospital, away from the needles, away from the doctors and away from the pain. Through the generosity of the the brotherhood that is the VMC, we have once again given to those in need. Many times we give to those who we know, brothers and sisters in the club but the generosity of our members goes beyond the borders of our membership. Thanks to all who purchased items from the silent auction. those who cotributed to the charity ride on Saturday, emblazoned themselves with the VMC wings ala The Tramp Stamp and tried to clear out all of our insect pests with the Bug Spot. To each and all of you....I salute your efforts to better this world.....even if it is through one child's eyes. This club rocks and I have to stop now due to the tears in my eyes. There is no emoticon that shows how I feel right now..... Just in case you can't read the amount it's for $4000 ...Holy Freakin Whoo Hoo ....some really sick kid will get to go to Disney World !!!!!! Yes...It took my sling off. It is just way too sexy for most of you and I did NOT want V-Bear or Tigger to come chase me down!! 8) After looking at this...Sgt' Ayers has a lot more practice smiling than I do. ;)
  20. Lsat time I saw the bar...really late Saturday night...Burt and Stogg-meister were trying to hold down the pool table. 8)
  21. It is with an extreme sense of humility as well as pride that I announce the Victory Motorcycle Club will be making a donation to the Montana Hope Project on Wednesday at 10:00am at the Montana Highway Patrol Department Yellowstone County Headquarters in the amount of $4000. On behalf of the entire Victory Motorcycle Club, the Yellowstone Valley Victory Riders would like to thank all of the members, guests and friends who attended and contributed to the National Meet, the many sponsors who so selflessly donated their time and products for the silent auction, and everyone who contributed in any way to the sucess of this project. Life threatening diseases are a terrible thing to deal with....but as a child they can be absolutely terrifying. Thanks to our club's donation at least one critically ill child will get the opportunity to enjoy a life changing experience no matter how short their remaining life may be. Thank you all and may you and all your children be blessed with good health, long life and prosperity. Thank you all!!! :y: :ir :inw :appl 8)
  22. Went to Red Lodge and picked up my Beartooth Pass picture today from Merv. I know...I didn't ride during the meet but I did go up there for test pics in June! That's where the flyer came from and I have snow in the background!! Let me say....if you want a picture of yourself on your bike and there is one of you on the pass, you won't be disappoited. I got the 11x14 with the text and scenic highway logo for $28 and the quality is excellent. Now just need to get it framed so I can hang it over the bed. ;) Really honey....me looking all studley on the bike....it'll add to the mood 8)
  23. The photos taken on the Beartooth Pass by Merv Coleman will be coming off his website September 30th. If you want to order a picture of yourself or someone else be sure to visit www.colemangallery.biz then click on "View Proofs" and then select the VMC National Meet. There are several pages of pictures so you will have to search to find yourself.
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