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  1. Todd, Snorky and I delivered the check to the Montana Highway Department today on behalf of the Montana Hope Project. As Sgt. Ayers said, it's all about the memories...the memories out of the hospital, away from the needles, away from the doctors and away from the pain. Through the generosity of the the brotherhood that is the VMC, we have once again given to those in need. Many times we give to those who we know, brothers and sisters in the club but the generosity of our members goes beyond the borders of our membership. Thanks to all who purchased items from the silent auction. those who cotributed to the charity ride on Saturday, emblazoned themselves with the VMC wings ala The Tramp Stamp and tried to clear out all of our insect pests with the Bug Spot. To each and all of you....I salute your efforts to better this world.....even if it is through one child's eyes. This club rocks and I have to stop now due to the tears in my eyes. There is no emoticon that shows how I feel right now..... Just in case you can't read the amount it's for $4000 ...Holy Freakin Whoo Hoo ....some really sick kid will get to go to Disney World !!!!!! Yes...It took my sling off. It is just way too sexy for most of you and I did NOT want V-Bear or Tigger to come chase me down!! 8) After looking at this...Sgt' Ayers has a lot more practice smiling than I do. ;)
  2. Lsat time I saw the bar...really late Saturday night...Burt and Stogg-meister were trying to hold down the pool table. 8)
  3. It is with an extreme sense of humility as well as pride that I announce the Victory Motorcycle Club will be making a donation to the Montana Hope Project on Wednesday at 10:00am at the Montana Highway Patrol Department Yellowstone County Headquarters in the amount of $4000. On behalf of the entire Victory Motorcycle Club, the Yellowstone Valley Victory Riders would like to thank all of the members, guests and friends who attended and contributed to the National Meet, the many sponsors who so selflessly donated their time and products for the silent auction, and everyone who contributed in any way to the sucess of this project. Life threatening diseases are a terrible thing to deal with....but as a child they can be absolutely terrifying. Thanks to our club's donation at least one critically ill child will get the opportunity to enjoy a life changing experience no matter how short their remaining life may be. Thank you all and may you and all your children be blessed with good health, long life and prosperity. Thank you all!!! :y: :ir :inw :appl 8)
  4. Went to Red Lodge and picked up my Beartooth Pass picture today from Merv. I know...I didn't ride during the meet but I did go up there for test pics in June! That's where the flyer came from and I have snow in the background!! Let me say....if you want a picture of yourself on your bike and there is one of you on the pass, you won't be disappoited. I got the 11x14 with the text and scenic highway logo for $28 and the quality is excellent. Now just need to get it framed so I can hang it over the bed. ;) Really honey....me looking all studley on the bike....it'll add to the mood 8)
  5. The photos taken on the Beartooth Pass by Merv Coleman will be coming off his website September 30th. If you want to order a picture of yourself or someone else be sure to visit www.colemangallery.biz then click on "View Proofs" and then select the VMC National Meet. There are several pages of pictures so you will have to search to find yourself.
  6. The shutter was quicker than the twist of the wrist. 8)
  7. 2320 miles for us but now with the new Vision it shoulld be a lot more comfortable. 8)
  8. Number of proposals currently in hand - 0. Rumors come and go but until there are proposals submitted questions will still remain.
  9. Three years out would be great but there have been years with problems just getting one region to even put in a proposal. Then there is the question of budgetting. The budget for the events isn't even known until the first of the year. Budget could be assumed to be equal to the current year but then may have to reduce it when the final numbers come out that year. Could also get to increase it too. Much preferred option definately. If a region would like to put in a proposal for the 2011 or 2012 years, please feel free to do so. John, I get the feeling you are trying to get some point across but I just can't quite put my finger on it. 8) Selection is done by the Board of Directors and I have not been involved with that process other than to submit the proposal for this year.
  10. You don't get to vote here folks. This is just a call to everyone to start thinking about next year. 8)
  11. Yeah I know the National Meet for this year just got over but it's time for all regions to think about hosting the National Meet next year. IT IS NEVER TOO EARLY TO START PLANNING!! Local Chapters think about what your area has to offer and why everyone else in the country should come see your area. You may take what is in your area for granted because you have been there and done that but you'd be surprised how appealing those things are to people who have not been there and have not done that. Yeah it's a lot of work but it is also very rewarding to have members from across the country in your town, meeting them and seeing them having a good time. Proposals need to be submitted to the Board of Directors through your Regional Reps by the 15th of October followed by a two week review and voting period. This years Meet had the largest turnout ever and I know next year's will be even bigger. Get your ideas going and get a proposal put together!! 8)
  12. Just a reminder to all of you who were successful in winning items at the charity auction at the National Meet. ALL OF THESE ITEMS WERE DONATED !!! PLEASE, once you have installed your new pieces, parts or whatever, post pics in the product reviews or showcase forums and tell everyone what you think of their products and give these sponsors a big thank you for supporting our club. Thank you. :y: 8) :y:
  13. Nice pics Nate and Brian. Thanks. I have to get back up there again. 8)
  14. For a little fun and some fund raising for the Montana Hope Project we had a tramp stamp made and for a dollar you could put the stamp anywhere you wanted. With the rain it didn't get too wild or crazy except for a couple wackos who will remain nameless but I'm sure you will know who they are. OK they won't remain nameless....
  15. The final count on the 2009 National Meet is 205 attendees. AWESOME turnout everyone and thanks to you all for coming. 8) :y: 8)
  16. Thanks fixed my numbering. Guess I was more wore out than I thought. 8)
  17. Prior to this group, I have never been a member of a club. Prior to this I never saw the reason. The past two and a half years and in particular the past three days have shown me the reason. When people from all walks of life and from locations as diverse as snowflakes can come together in a place many have not heard of, much less been to, just because they have a common interest.....this is the meaning of a club. I cannot express my appreciation that you all would come here, not really knowing what was in store for you. You took a chance and my deepst desire is that you were not disappointed. This is what I can say about the 2009 National Meet and I hope the 2010 National Meet will be bigger and better...I know it will. Here is my top eleven thigs I learned about the Meet: 1. If you are planning any kind of an event...call Michael's mom and have her take care of the welcome table. Fly her in if need be. Yes I am SERIOUS. DOLLY TOTALLY ROCKS and without her help....we would not have been able to take care of a lot of the other things that needed to be taken care of. I contribute the success of the meet to her hard work, dedication to the table and obscession with every guy who walked within 50 feet of the table. ;) I love you mom!! :y: :y: :y: :y: 2. The assistance of the people at the Meet was amazing. Even though you were guests of ours, your desire and really insistance to get in there and help out was amazing. Thanks to everyone who helped set up and take down the tents, move things, lift things, throw things, run the rodeo and everything else. 3. If you are planning on 60 - 80 for an early bird BBQ....buy food for 120 - 130. Some how a free BBQ makes people come early.....VERY cool turnout you all!!! Thank you Joanne for all the Costco runs. 4. Just because other local motorcycle clubs may not ride the same bikes as we do, many are eager to jump in and help out. Use them if needed. The B.A.S.T.A.R.D.S. (Bikers Against Stupid Twits And Really Dumb Shits) ROCKED the BBQ on Thursday and made excellent choices for the bike awards. The Christian Motorcycle Association did a great job manning the silent auction tables and providing water at Vista Point not to mention the Sunday morning service. I think it's a broader based common interest thing. Thanks to you all. 5. Mother Nature has a very cruel sense of humor. Even during the traditionally driest weeks of the year, rain CAN and MAY fall. 6. Get the camera ready BEFORE trying to get a pic of the HD owner riding biotch on Golfer's Vision because his tranny puked. (Future Vic owner now, and a worthy member of the club) 7. You need a lot of tables to display silent auction merchandise and a lot of time to get it set up. Start early. 8. If you need a credit card machine...make sure it is working well in advance of anything. 9. Invite your Regional Reps over to check on your progress...you never know what kind of opportunities for embarassment may develop during their visit. 10. NEVER drive your truck and trailer through Texas if it has a big company logo on the side of your trailer and your truck is over 11,000 lbs. 11. Make sure the hotel's water heaters are working correctly. Sorry to all who had cold showers this morning. :( It was my extreme pleasure to get to meet all the officers (except Kozy as he was unable to attend). As for Tom and I, we are not yet sure who can drink more beer. The dang bar closed too soon!! Thanks to Scott of Conquest Customs and Big Joe of Kewl Metal for coming up and giving us some really cool products for the auction. I just hope you will come back to deliver GT to me when I win the raffle Scott!!! I know I can provide a down comforter to keep you warm. ;) Hope your knee is feeling better Joe and I hope you used the lack of sales tax to your advantage Pat. As I sit here this evening wondering where each and every one of you are at and wishing I was with you all riding, I would like to thank you all for coming to our little neck of the woods this weekend and I can't wait until the next time our paths cross. Ride safe and ride far. Hope to see you again soon. 8) Fire n Ice
  18. More safe arrivals...Excellent. Thanks again for the Extra Old Stocks Zane. They were very much appreciated!!!:y:
  19. Good to hear all. Heading to let the doc do his work in about 20 minutes. 2-3" hail Brian?!? That would have left a dent in you AND the bike. Hopefully you are cured Rick!! 8)
  20. Great Ann...hope your arm is feeling better. If it wasn't so gooky looking I would have kissed it to make it feel better but that is probably John's job. ;) Hope you heal up quickly. Follow the docs orders!! JR let me know if the trip to Buffalo Chips got Bob out of trouble. (I know it got some brownie points for me!!!) Great seeing you guys again. It's unfortunate that I only get to see you all once a year but then again....maybe it's for the best. We'd probably just get into all kinds of trouble!! :ltr :ltr
  21. I know most of you are off to one place or another and some won't be home for several days but we want to know everyone made it home safe and sound. Let us know when you get home. After a very enjoyable late breakfast with Scott (Smyte) and Nate (Narchy) Joanne and I pointed them in the right direction and sent them on their way. After a short nap I feel better but now I'm lonely....... Thanks to all who came. :y:
  22. There were a lot of bikes on the pass that day so Merv took pictures of every bike he could to be sure he didn't miss us. Keep looking until you find your self (selves). Our pics look to start on page two and I'm glad they got to practice on the HOGS a few weeks ago because these pics are waaaaay better than what they got!!!!!Thanks.
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