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  1. So far Conquest Customs and RPWUSA will be here. There have been a couple of others showing interest but not committed yet. Yellowstone Polaris will have some items also.
  2. Will kicks ass in the custon artwork department for his wedges!!!
  3. You will not be alone there. 8)
  4. They looked good just polished....they look fantastic chromed!! Very nice Will! :y: :y:
  5. I'm just afraid you southern boys are going to get up here in this 15-20% humidity, dry out, shrivel up and blow away. Then there's the elevation difference. Air's a bit thinner here and wait till we're at almost 11,000 feet!!. Gonna be GREAT!!!!! How many times have you had to pack an oxygen bottle for a ride? ;)
  6. Current forecast only goes until next Tuesday but pretty consistent. For Billings highs in the mid to upper 80's and lows in the upper 50's to low 60's. Cooke City highs are running in the upper 60's to low 70's. I would expect the pass temps to be in the 50's probably low 50's.
  7. I have received a few questions as to what to bring for clothing for the National Meet. Generally, this part of Montana will be hot and dry the end of July. Temps will probably be in the mid 80s to mid 90s and maybe higher down in the valley. I would not expect rain but would not completely rule out an afternoon thunderstorm. The ride on Saturday will go from the valley at approx 3200 feet to the top of the pass at nearly 11,000 feet. I have been in Red Lodge when it was in the high 80s. By the time we got up the pass were were in a snow storm and I was considering turning around....it was cold and we were getting wet!!! On the trip back down from Cooke City, it was beautiful and the sun was shining the rest of the day. I would recommend bringing chaps, a warm coat and some gloves. We will be stopping at Vista Point on the way up. If you are getting cold or if it looks like there may be some weather coming in you can add clothing as necessary. Just use the same plan for clothing that we natives use.....Plan for the best and pack for the worst. See you in July. 8)
  8. Always some little catch isn't there. Oh well, thanks for the explanation Will.
  9. Looking good as always Will !! :y: :y: Should have had you stick a pair of those bolts in my package, didn't see them until now.....crap!!
  10. Shirt order goes in on Monday. Please indicate your size in the poll. If you are unable to attend you can still get a shirt for $12 shipped. Put your size in the poll and PM me your name address and size and we will get it sent out. Payment can be made by PayPal to Zappin1@bresnan.net or by check, money order or cash sent to the following address. Checks made out to Yellowstone Valley Victory Riders. Jim Kelso 2910 Manhattan Drive Billings, Montana 59102
  11. The poll is in the VMC Meet forum, this was just to let everyone know the poll was there.
  12. Hello, if you're coming you need to post. Thanks.
  13. The Poll is working correctly again. Thanks John and Matt. :y:
  14. There is a poll in the VMC Meet forum so we can get a head count of people who plan on attending the National Meet this year. Only 80 days from today. We need to get shirts, food, etc ordered and need to know how many people are coming. I would prefer you don't have to go hungry or nekid during the meet so please let us know if you are coming. Thanks for your help. 8)
  15. 80 Days until the Meet. We need to know how many people are coming to the meet for food, shirts, etc. If you are coming PLEASE tell us how many are in your group. If the options I have listed do not fit you, PM or e-mail me and let me know how many are joining you. Thanks for your help. 2009meet@thevmc.com
  16. It's my pleasure to announce the winner of the free hotel room for the National Meet. Tom Sather aka "cf-iceman" has won the room. Thanks to all who participated and got their reservations in early. There are still lots of rooms left. 8)
  17. Excellent!! Can't wait to see that bike and of course meet you! 8)
  18. Don't forget to mention you are with the VMC to get your discount. 56 days to be exact!!!
  19. Both campgrounds are now taking reservations. You can leave a message at Yellowstone if they don't answer and they will get back to you.
  20. Thanks for letting me know Luke. Phone number is fixed. I was at both places last Monday and they both said they would be starting to take reservations on the 15th. I'm not sure what the deal is. I will find out on Monday.
  21. The Yellowstone River Campground and the K.O.A. are both taking reservations now. Yellowstone River Campground - 10% discount - 406-259-0878 Remember to mention you are with the Victory Motorcycle Club K.O.A. - 406-252-3104 or 800-562-8546
  22. Not sure Bill but I will be finding out. :y: We can't all lead that papmered life of eating seafood everyday and getting a massage every night Brian. ;) Doesn't matter where you stay as long as you plan on coming.
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