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  1. The Montana Hope Project just made it's 300th gift to a Montana child. If you are interested, here is the article: http://billingsgazette.net/articles/2009/01/04/news/state/35-hope.txt
  2. On Friday of the Meet, we will be having a charity auction to benefit the Montana Hope Project (www.montanahope.com). This is an all volunteer organization founded by the Montana Highway Patrol to give critically ill children trips similar to Make a Wish. They are not affiliated with the Make a Wish foundation and rely strictly on donations. I will keep this thread frozen and update it as new items come in. If you are planning on coming to the National Meet in Billings, these items will be available for bid during the auction. If you have any questions about any of the items you can reach me at 2009meet@thevmc.com . Bassani exhaust – Gift certificate for new pipes – choose which ones fit your bike www.bassani.com Sav-Ur-Ride – Long and short emergency clutch cable repair kits www.savurride.com Wompus Racks – Gift certificate for new rack for a Kingpin or Vegas www.wompusracks.com Lyndall Racing Brakes – $150 gift certificate for their products www.lyndallracingbrakes.com Wings Outdoor Products - $200 gift certificate to their online store www.victoryonly.com Brian - talliaman64 - A set of his world famous peg extensions Valet Today - 20% discount on any laundry (except underwear) - Not open on Sundays - Also a silent auction item yet to be determined Family Powersports – Silent auction item yet to be determined www.familypowersports.com A & L Motorsports – Silent auction item yet to be determined www.a-lmotorsports.com Neal - Kingbagger – Chrome centerstand - Fits all new models '02 and up except the Vision or those with the California can. (He is currently working on an adjustable version which should be ready by meet time) Frank - mastiff – Five Mastiff dipsticks - Red, Blue, Black, Wrinkle Black and Polished Outlaw Chrome/Tomahawk – $150 gift certificate to their on-line store www.outlawchrome.com/xcart/home.php Best Buy Vehicles, Inc. – Victory fluted handlebar clamp for a V92C http://www.bestbuyvictory.com Coliant Corporation – Powerlet accessory plug kit. You can plug in you Gerbing stuff, cell phone and even a coffee pot if you've got an adapter!! http://www.powerlet.net Pierce Flooring and Design – Framed artwork from Growth Through Art artist - shipping included http://www.pierceflooring.com SuperTrapp Performance Exhaust– $100 gift certificate towards purchase of performance exhaust system http://www.supertrapp.com Dave and Randy - Starkey and VicDriver – Limited edition 1941 Indian Motorcycle print (#10 of 650) - Kuryakyn GranTailgater bag - Guard Dawg security system www.starkeystation.com MasterLube– $100 gift card towards service at any MasterLube (Only located in Billings so here's one just for the locals) www.MasterLube.comMasterLube Cruiser Customizing– T-shirts and other merchandise yet to be determined www.CruiserCustomizing.com/Victory.cfm. Vann's Appliance and Electronics– 8.1 megapixel compact digital camera www.Vanns.com Kevin - kevinx – Three cruise controls www.pschellen.com/kevinxusa/home.htm Rose-Dale Motorsports– Victory Mechanic's Shirt http://www.rosedalemotorsports.com Victory Motorcycles of South Florida– Ladies Victory denim shirt http://www.atlcmotorcycles.com Cruisin' 66 Mid-Life Cycles– Shirts, hats, coffee cup, sunglasses, bell, private label hot sauce, ketsup and mustard http://www.cruisin66cycles.com Cycleops USA– Will has donated a set of custom polished billet aluminum American Flag with Victory wings cheese wedge replacements http://www.cycleopsusa.com/ RPW USA– An exhaust system, customer's choice in chrome http://www.rpwusa.com/RPW-USA-victory.htm
  3. Bill, Your concerns bothered me so I just spoke to two of our own, Starkey and his wife, who spent the night there just before Thanksgiving. Their response was that it was clean, comfortable, the people were friendly and it was a fine hotel. It's not the newest hotel but then again I didn't think everyone would wwant to have to pay $120+ dollars a night for a room. It is close to the dealership, the highways, fuel, and food. If you are used to staying in the finest of hotels, it may not be the place for you. If you want a clean place to sleep for a reasonable price, I do not believe you will be disappointed. Enough said.
  4. I read all those negative replys too. I also checked several other local hotels that I know are very nice and almost all the reviews for those were bad too. In the past 10 months there has been a complete change of management. The new management fired a good portion of the staff which pissed a lot of them off. I can assure you that no one smokes meth in the halls. They are in the process of putting in all new heating and air conditioning units, new carpet, new paint, new beds, new bathroom fixtures, and counters, etc. Our regional rep stayed there this past weekend and had no issues other than the faucet being backwards (hot/cold). We got to see the rooms. We walked almost the entire hotel and aside from where the smoking rooms were I did not smell smoke. I'm not sure why someone would say unsafe location unless they left their kids unattended and they wandered out to the street or the pond. It's not Trump International but it is not a bad hotel. If you have any other concerns feel free to PM me your phone number and I will give you a call.
  5. Got it and thanks Scott. It wasn't the $10M however so guess I'm going to have to keep my day job. 8)
  6. This is only a pre-registration and pre-payment for the charity ride on Saturday. You can still pay for the ride when you get here Dave. We were just trying to get an idea of how many people are coming. 8)
  7. Just to be clear, the ride over the Beartooth Pass on Saturday is a charity fund raisier ride. We will be asking each rider for a $10 donation to go to the Montana Hope Project. That is what this pre-registration is for. There is no registration fee for the Meet itself. Just one of our ideas to try and get a head count on how many people are coming without starting a poll thread. That probably will be coming later. 8)
  8. Absolutely, my son's girlfriend is from Arkansas so you all can't be too bad! ;) Look forward to meeting you.
  9. Got yours Tim, thanks. I'll keep an eye out for the others.
  10. In an effort to support effective planning for both our members and our outside vendors, we are going to start accepting pre-registration charity ride donations in the amount of $10 per person. This is not an additional fee but rather a prepayment for the charity ride on Saturday. This pre-registration will also give us a head count so that we can effectively plan for ordering shirts, etc and also help our other vendors plan accordingly. You can make your payment by check, money order or though PayPal. Make checks payable to “Yellowstone Valley Victory Riders” and send to the address listed below. For PayPal payments use the Paypal account “ Zappin1@bresnan.net”. Please put your name in the comments area. Thanks for your help and we look forward to seeing you in July. :chpr Jim Kelso 2910 Manhattan Drive Billings, Montana 59102
  11. I am out of town working through Wednesday. I will get a new list from the hotel when I return and let everyone know about the room drawing.
  12. We have bugs, nothing Texas sized and they aren't too bad until the evening. Too hot and dry. If they come out in the day time they just shrivel up and die. Haven't hit the 50 rooms quite yet. I'll let you know.
  13. 46 rooms reserved. Only 4 left before the drawing. If you want in, do it now. Let me know when your reservation is made. If you are number 47 but don't let me know....I think you get the picture.
  14. There are now 40 rooms reserved. 10 more to go until the drawing. If you want in on the chance for a free room for the weekend, you better get your reservation in. 8)
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