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  1. It's cheaper in the long run to buy a battery tender. I had the misfortune of being on the road & needing a jump & a tow truck driver came buy & I flagged him down. I made sure to tell him don't touch those clothespins with ANY OTHER PART OF MY BIKE. He did a great job & got me going free gratis. He was also a rider.
  2. I'll just wear a shirt with a FISHY on it LOL. I don't mind wearing a name tag. Hell most everyone knows me anyhow but I'm horrid at names so it helps me out a bunch! Another idea would be to have some one who can embroidery names & sew patches on! I don't wear my vest often but I'll bring it for sure.
  3. Mags ~ I think it's time for you all to get kevinX over there for a cam party. He can't come there without me tho since I suggested it so you got 2 tickies to pay for. (Sorry Kevin's wifey) Make that 3 tickies. LOLOL
  4. I just had my fork oil & seals replaced on my KP . The seals were $110 Also did an oil change & the entire bill was about $300ish. Should take about 2 hrs for the forks. You only need one set. The parts guy thought I needed 2. I also got my VMC discount which helped a bit. Funny thing was I didn't even look at the bill till I got home & they only charged me for the fork seals. I called em back & squared up as I didn't want any bad karma to come to me or my bike. I'm pretty darned honest. They were really surprised I had called them about it. I'm sure it would have caught up with me but I'd rather be honest up front.
  5. I'm in!! Hopefully I will be working & can get the time off. As of now it's a free for all cept no money LOL
  6. Remember your old Daisy BB gun? If I'm reading this right that is a BB. Maybe try a BB type fishing weight where you can clamp it around the pin. I'm just guessing!
  7. Ya for mega bucks Mags!! We have em here as well. I'm poverty ridden so have the ole tent & stuff. If it doesn't fit on the bike I don't need it. I do like hotels if I can afford tho. That hot shower, TV & Internet is great....specially after a long ride.
  8. LOL He thinks he's so sweet he'd melt?? Hardly! Sorry on the fiance bash. She should have ridden the V & put the flogger riding biotch LOLOLOL
  9. Someone rides slower than ME??????? Dayum that would have been worth the trip!!! I know "he" couldn't unload that alone so someone will spill the beans. Obviously the fiance wasn't up for the long haul. TSK TSK TSK
  10. I may have come into a couple of sheckles! I'm still gonna book at the end of the week. Who knows what's gonna happen by next August. I'm excited to go!
  11. I know for a fact if I haven't melted in the rain and I KNOW I'm SWEET you guys sure won't!!! Put on your big girl panties & rain gear & go for it!! Be Safe Have FUN!!! Hi ALL!!
  12. First thing to do is clean the throttle bodies & check the TPS. I just cleaned mine as I had the same problem. Also just replaced my battery. I guess things DO wear out periodically! LOL Don't know about the red engine light. You might need to have a computer update???? Resetting the TPS may solve that issue. I'm no wrench but I know on cars that happens.
  13. I have an 05 KP and just cleaned my throttle bodies(TY 5th Gear!!) and what a difference. Bike is running like a champ again. No backfiring or anything. Also check you spark plugs. I had that problem last year.(Same symptoms!!!) I'm no wrench but I know the little problems I have had. All very simple fixes. Best of luck to ya.
  14. Thanks Chip.... No way am I able to do this on my own. Guess I'm gonna have to be bringing some brewskis with me on a visit.
  15. Ok, I'm no wrench! My 05 KP has been backfiring as well. I was told to clean the throttle bodies which I will do(or have done HINT HINT MY FRIENDS) What the heck is a cracked rubber intake boot? And where to I look for that? When I decelerate is when I get the backfiring. Seems to idle just fine.
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