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  1. there will never not be a national. if there is ever a lack of someone or an lc stepping up to host i will do it. you may not like the way i do it, but it will happen. so that is not a problem, and did not get lost on me. having a national can be as simple as stating a location and a date. go or dont go but there it is. i think the nationals are way too fucking organized personally, but if people want to saddle themselves with that much work more power to them. again, set a date, change locations, and problem solved. and gunchef, if you cant ever go because of the dates too fucking bad. if your job is such an asshole you cant get a day off every other year i feel bad for you. my aim is not to make the date good for me, i am retired and can make any date. my aim is to make the date the best for the club. and many of you fucktards dont get it.. what is best for the club is what is best. and i guarantee you a set date gets more attendance, avnd doesnt fuck up local events either. and that is what is best for the club. get it?
  2. the national should be a set date with changing locations. the national should be the most attended event. fixing the date allows all others to plan around the national date. national should be mid aug to early sep. please set a date and always make it that date. changing the dates for our number one event is stupid. the most successful events are always the same date. sturgis, daytona, etc...i just shake my head at thinking a changing date is a good idea for our paramount event.
  3. July is typically a month devoted to many events. Both mc and non. End of August early sept gets away from the busiest month of the year for many people. Has not the national been August almost every year pretty much? I know many people got used to that, and now it is an issue. Of course no one will ever be always happy. But really, ask 100 people what month is busiest for events in life and July wins. And July is hot as fuck. What about people riding from hot places? Nothing to do about 14, but I sure hope the date gets back to later in the year. And please keep the location moving around, you put it in one place and ruin it for people that like to ride. Am I not equally able to voice my opinion for disliking July as people are to endorse it? Kettle, meet black. Oh, and by the way...There is no conflict for me to go in July. I am voicing for many others that are too skewered to get flamed.
  4. I would like to vote that the National never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever again take place in July. :doh
  5. It was me, blow me!!!! Who took that pic, lol!!!!
  6. Tracey and I have booked a room. I really hope for the registration fee they have good food. The meet we just had in Hot Springs served tacos without cheese the first night. Yep, you read that right, the fancy expensive dinner for the Hot Springs national meet had cheeseless tacos. The Saturday dinner was good though. The Friday dinner was not even as good as a frozen meal from a cardboard box. Looking forward to the Idaho meet, although it is a LONG ass ride!!! We were not going to go, but decided to make a week of it. Looking forward to this one. But please, make sure they don't serve shit food at the hotel! :)
  7. What do you mean by "recovery"? Surgery recovery? Addiction?
  8. What time will the strippers be arriving? I want to get the most out of my $110...
  9. Are there strippers or something???? $12 x 2 shirts = $24. Then $86 for 2 dinners? I can eat at Taco Bell for $3.00. What the heck????
  10. Is this a mistake? Are we really paying $110 a couple for registration? Something is messed up, and now I see why it took so long to let the members know how much this was going to cost. $110 a couple is absurd.
  11. What Bruce said...Be careful on 75 in Detroit. If you are not doing 85 you are going to get run over.
  12. http://forums.thevmc.com/bb/forums/thread-view.asp?tid=115361&posts=1&start=1
  13. Would like to recommend to whomever is deciding on the registration fees that there is a benefit for being a member. That is to say, make it more expensive for non members. There should be an incentive to join this club, and the events that are put on using club money need to capitalize on that. The Great Lakes meet in July has one price for members, and another price for non members this year. My own fiance' will not join unless there is a benefit to her. She only attends the SE meet, the national, and the GL regional. None of which seem to ever have a differing cost associated with membership. So basically she spends $15 to save $5 at the GL regional meet. Kinda pointless. And makes my point. We need to differentiate between the benefit you receive for being a dues paying member and not paying anything. That can and should start with our major club events. My $.02.
  14. The date and location is PERFECT for me!!!!!!! :tu
  15. That sucks to hear!!!! But on the other hand, I wish it would happen to me!!!! I could sure get alot more for my Vision stolen than I can sold. New trailer too.... 8)
  16. If I had rode there, I would have been going through Tulsa at 111 degrees and humid on the way (among other horribly hot places like MO, TX, NM). Man I am bummed about missing a national, but boy am I glad I didn't have to ride 60 hours round trip in a heat wave to go. :tu
  17. Leaving in 2 days!!!!!! :ir :ir :ir :ir :ir :ir :ir :ir :ir :ir :ir :ir :ir :ir
  18. I have 4 inches of snow at my house since 6:00 tonight!!!!
  19. We are expecting up to 9" of snow over the next two days up here. High of 37 tomorrow. :bm Leaving in 8 days!!!! :tu
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