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  1. A couple of VMCers I had asked about participating in the Arizona run informed me that they were not going in part due to S.B. 1070. I questioned this and could find no ready answers on the net. The fear is that if a person holds a ligitimate California Drivers License, is a citizen of the United States and is of the Mexican race and is pulled over, the person pulled over can be detained until that person proves that he is a citizen through documentation other than a Drivers License. I'm not trying to rain on anyones parade, but is there a chance that this could happen while in Arizona? If this is so, what would a person need to carry with him so that he would not be considered an alien? I am not trying to stir anything up, I would like to honestly know.
  2. Mr. Smith. I quote Diamond's post. Now, if he were to win, how do we get him there?
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