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  1. Looking to share a room or cabin.send me a PM or smoke signal.
  2. Hopefully I can stop by tomarrow, what time does the bike show end volusia motorsports on wed ?
  3. Black dip stick with the V engraving or the black dip stick with the temp gage.
  4. Who is camping at the meet? How far is the closest campground ?
  5. The day at the track has changed, from what I know it will be thursday insted. It was changed for mikeyvee LOL, no really look at Jethros post in the S.E. thread.
  6. Thunder on the Beach is always a good time, from what I remember. :chpr
  7. ST. Anderews state park is at the end of the strip, very nice campground.
  8. FONDLE what are you going to buy a toy for it at the toy party at the hotel? :gf :dp I need a place to stay can I sleep on you floor?
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