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  1. Tim, if you are talking about Terre Haute, you need to tell them the block of rooms is under Mike Price to get the discount. I put that update on the leg 5 thread, but forgot to add it here.
  2. I just called and booked my room in Terre Haute. I spoke with th General Manager and he said we need to tell them when you call to let use Mike Price's name to get the discount. Nice guy, great rate. See you in Terre Haute.
  3. Just checking to see if there is a hotel set for Terre Haute yet. There are 3 of us jumping on for leg 6 and 7 and we want to meet up with the group in Terre Haute.
  4. Does anyone have hotel information for Terre Haute? Phone number, address, etc... a few of us plan on arriving in Terre Haute and riding the next 2 legs through KC. Any info appreciated.
  5. I know many, myself included have to make choices when it comes to time off and going to an event. Last year I had to choose between National Meet or AVR in August. Last year I did National event, and this year I had to make the same choice. This year due to time, I am doing the AVR. You can arugue that there is never a good time for an event for everyone. You can never make everyone happy no matter when an event will take place, but if the date is consistent, at least people can make their choices early and plan. Summer is a short window for most of the riders in the northern states. Having 3 big events, National Event, Sturgis, AVR all within a 3 week window is tough.
  6. Congrats to the SW Region and the group in Prescott. Pics look great.
  7. WOW! I think I just wet myself a little. Those are amazing. Those things have really set the bar for others in quality and style. Great job.
  8. Looks like a few of us will be coming down for the ride from KC to St. Louis. If things work out we'll actuall start in KS. on leg 7.
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