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  1. I'm with Stoggy! Be nice to know where we're going next year too?
  2. OK Tom Evelyn thinks you drink too much haha say hi to the gang from us won't miss next year no matter what. Hope it's in the SW rubber side down guess we hijacked this thread.
  3. Hey Mike we'll be in Bathurst on Fri night. Lookin to see some whales. Planing on St Andrews NB. Any recommendations Tom
  4. To Tom Keller, his wife, pastor1720 & the great plains victory riders for all their effort to put on this event. We felt very welcomed here & had a marvelous time. Was great to meet so many new people & see old friends. Hope we see ya''ll in Idaho Big thanks to the venders who came out Scott, Rylan, John &Kyle. Also thanks to Greesons for all their effort. This is a pretty cool club! Thanks again Tom & Evelyn Coker :y:
  5. We know the rains coming but it's been in the high 90's the last couple days coming west on I40. In Memphis now see ya''ll tomorrow Tom
  6. Began to have a hard time with the lock not opening. Locked ok just didn't like to unlock. Feared something was worn out & I would need to replace it, but when I disassembled it, it proved only to be the spring dislodged. You need only to remove the bolts for the outer shell & pull it back slightly to gain access to the mechanism.
  7. Ya XC Bubba sounds like we're on the same wave length. We plan on leaving Thurs. the 23rd noonish from Huntsville & takin in much of the same route as you. Hope there will be an opporturnity to meet somewhere. Our first day out will only put us just over the border near Watertown NY. So if you like send me your itinerary & we'll try & catch up with you. Tom
  8. Registration complete on PayPal. Totally gapped out with the note to seller though. If this helps at all, we'd like 1 chicken & 1 beef dinner. See ya soon. Tom
  9. Jackfrost in the desert? This could be interesting. We're booked see ya next year.
  10. Hope to see some Ontario Riders out.
  11. WOW I love this flame rack dying to see one mounted.. trying to scrap the coin together.. hope to be there soon..
  12. We're in. called the Town & Country today in hopes of a cancellation. low & behold we have a room. see ya all there. Tom & Evelyn
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