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  1. Yesterday the Prescott Victory Riders presented a check to the Ride for Kids (Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation) for $3575.00! This money was raised at our 2011 National Meet. Previously we gave $1800.00 to Lance Corporal Mike Martinez who was wounded in Afghanistan and $1800.00 to the family of our fallen brother Colin MacDairmid. ALL of this money came from the overwhelming generosity of the VMC and its members, our great vendors who donated items for the Silent Auction, and from our Sponsors KewlMetal, Arizona Victory, and Prescott Valley Motorcycles. Thanks to all of you who donated and dug deep to make our charity component most successful! PLEASE utilize the goods and services of our vendors, and God Bless the VMC! Ride Safe
  2. Sorry Sidecar. I warned everyone with a note in each packet about our rat bast@#d photo radar. I was hoping everyone got away without one of those dingers. That's a poor way to treat the guy who won almost all the auctions! It's a non criminal offense so you can take jmjmjmmmmm's advice and hang it in your garage to laugh at or take KevinX's veiled warning and avoid the whole Federal swat team/ evening news thing. (sorry John, I got carried away with the jm's) :dno
  3. Go to "Albums" Jetsn 2011 Meet.
  4. I want to thank the generosity of the Vendors who contributed to the National Meet. I know some of you had to cancel and the ones that did make the trip did so at a great expense. Those who had to cancel still sent some beautiful items for the auction. The Silent Auction raised over $7100. You not only stepped up the plate but you knocked it out of the park. The generosity of the Vendors and the riders who participated in the auction was nothing less than outstanding. Attached is an article in todays Prescott Courier newspaper. http://www.prescottaz.com/main.asp?SectionID=1&SubSectionID=1086&ArticleID=96966
  5. We had a young lady named Becky photograph our meet. We didn't pay her so all the photos she sells are her sole income. PLease go through them and if there are any you want, just follow the prompts. Her site is http://www.twistypics.com/index.shtml Go the EVENT PHOTOS section and you will see our Meet. THX
  6. The Prescott Victory Riders want to thank all the attendees of the 2011 Meet for their generosity. In these tough times we pulled in 250 members and guests and there were no injuries, either driving to or driving home from Prescott. A bike was stolen in the Tucson area on the return trip and we hope it is recovered soon. Thanks to your generosity we generated $7188 for charity. This was from the sales of T-Shirts, rafffle tickets, the Silent Auction. Everyone stepped up big time. Even the weather co-operated. Prior to the meet it rained every day for the past month. We had sunny skies and cool evening breezes to make the outdoor events memorable. The Victory Police bikes were a huge success and Arizona Victory even brought a 7 piece band for the Saturday dinner. The vendors were great and the ones who had to cancel sent along lots of merchandise. Our own Star Island Victory sold 3 bikes as a direct result of the meet. KevinX made a wonderful speech and the guest speaker, Matt Parks from Victory, gave a talk that blew away the audience. The hotel was awesome. It is a great place to stay and they assisted us every step of the way. Thank you again, VMC. This was your event and we think it lived up to your standards and expectations. We will assist the 2012 meet in any way we can if needed and expect that meet will also be a great success. Like KevinX said, to paraphrase, we are not a virtual club, we area club of people. God Bless you all and I know the three recipients of the charity money are deeply moved by your kindness.
  7. Great Photos, Tyrant! We are so happy you enjoyed the Meet. I am so happy it's over! It's been a long 13 months in the planning. I plan on going to Hotsprings and and enjoying just being a spectator.
  8. Bastards! Insurance can never put back what you had in a bike. Bastards!!
  9. Gotcha Charlie. By the way, some of our club will be at Az Vic in Phx after out meeting on Nov 12th. We miss a real Vic shop so we are stopping in to see Dan. We might take a Bartlett lake ride before we head back up. We should be there by noon so if you can, join us. Back to the 2012 Meet...I'm not sure what the delay is with the hotel. I spoke to Tom, the Meet chairman and it sounded like they have a hotel picked out that can accomodate LOTS of people. I know how these things go so I'll guess we will know when the time is right. Hotsprings sounds awesome!
  10. Big Joe, I'm in for the next National Meet. Are we riding or trailering? I'd rather ride while the wives follow in a car with all the luggage and booze. :tu
  11. When we booked Matt Parks, I had no idea he was the guy who started Victory and NAMED the bike! All I knew was that he was the 1st Project Manager. He had everyone hanging on every word. Had I known all of this, I'd have made sure he was videotaped.
  12. I know many of us carry and i support and encourage firearms. I just want to point out that this Resort is on Indian land. That means that while on the resort property, Arizona law does not apply. SO if you plan on carrying, make sure you keep the weapon out of sight. The casino guards may approach you if you have a fanny pack or can see a weapon under your vest. The tribe has its own way of doing things so I urge you to use good judgement. Thanks
  13. We are now at 195! What a meet this will be!
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