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  1. I am so looking forward to seeing lots of folk i haven't seen for a while. I'll be there on Wednesday.
  2. What a great event. From the venue to the food to the rides to the entertainment to the vendors. The weather even cooperated. Many thanks and kudos to Frank and his crew for the best VMC gathering I have ever attended. I got to see some folks I'd not seen since Billings and I made a boat load of new friends. Thanks Frank for all your hard work. Hot Springs, how ya gonna top this?
  3. I've been following it with much enjoyment. See you guys there.
  4. I'm in. Sure glad I started the rumor in Billings last year that the 2011 meet would be in Arizona. heeheehee
  5. Well, I guess I'd better at least check in. I'm in Kansas City tonight. I know I live in California and I didn't make a wrong turn somewhere. I rode with Randy till Hot Springs and then to Yankton to see the museum where Tom Wise's Great-great grandpa is enshrined. He's famous. No, not for inventing beer. He was Custer's band leader. And a quite accomplished composer as well. I went to Spirit Lake but was too late for the tour and try as I might, I couldn't convince anyone to give my a personal viewing of the plant. The nerve. I'll be tooling around the midwest for the next few days and then off over the Continental Divide and home. Gonna get lots of rain. I'm really glad I met so many great people at the rally. So many names and faces now match up. And you all know who I mean. The company was great, the rides were great and I can't wait till next year.
  6. Jim, now is a good time for me to say thank you for all the hard work you have put into making this event a howling success. You gotta be really wrecked by now, and it hasn't even started yet. Again, thanks.
  7. I'd like to take an informal poll. Are there any other guys going to Billings who has a wife that thinks he is acting like an over excited 12-year-old who just seriously needs to quiet down about this trip? Please someone say "That's my wife, see I told you I wasn't the only one. See!! See!!!!!!" heehee
  8. Jim, Where's the best cigar store in town? Erring husbands want to know!! See y'all in 10 days.
  9. Hmmmm. When I am packing up in 110 degree heat, it will seem odd that I would put in cold weather gear. I have neglected to plan for the weather in the past and paid the price. Glad I read this post. Thanks.
  10. Even if our house isn't rebuilt and we are still living in the RV, I will be there. Courtesy of my incredibly loving and understanding wife. lol
  11. I'm from Salt Lake (or there abouts) to Reno this year. ROAD TRIP!!!!!! :ir :ir :ir :ir :ir :ir :ir :ir :ir :ir
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