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  1. McMaster Carr carries tons of different connectors. Maybe they have what you need and cheaper than the dealer.
  2. Using the VIN, would that tell if the bike has gotten a download or not??
  3. 12 - 1.50 is the stock size. I went with a over-sized bolt but it does drip from time to time. Will be going with a Timesert when I get a chance.
  4. Not to be a dick but if you don't know where the filter goes, maybe you should let a pro at it.
  5. Sounds like something most folks did on their Honda VTX's to cure popping.
  6. Dude, I'm sending you a check as well. You guys put on a great spread. ALL the folks that were there should throw some coin into the kitty for this. They got great turkey buzzard and brew. A few schkels ain't breaking anyones bank. If there's a next time, gimme the bucket. I'll make sure everyone tosses in some coin. Thanks again man.
  7. Danny, I gotta say that those people that have said that you were a dick were right but for a dick, Lobs, you and your buds (Mark and Ken??) put on a good time. I think the only down face I saw was Golfer. His wallet was a few bucks lighter after his girl went to the passion party. See at you the next one man and bring more turkey buzzard. It's good eatin'.
  8. You SE motherfuckers sure know how to run a shindig. Lobs and Russian rock. Conquest Customs and Lloyds at one spot too??? Can't beat that. How many people showed up???
  9. Well after four years, I've found that dealers are mostly Victory and cattle feed dealers, parts are here and there and the trannys are solid. Man, what happened to half the folks on this thread???
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