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  1. Yes it can. But your transmission will go into a false neutral between 2nd and 3rd gear every time. I would recommend against it since Victory is out of repair kits to fix this.
  2. Auto Zone......Advance Auto Parts....O'Riley's Auto Parts......batteries everywhere.
  3. Anything abrasive (steel wool, polishing compound, etc,) WILL scratch chrome. You can actually scratch chrome by rubbing aggressively with a paper towel. The yellow color you see as chrome is worn off is the nickel base. Chrome makes up less than 1/10 of 1% of the plating on your part. People who regularly take their vehicles to cruise in's, the first thing they do is jump out and polish up their piece. We see lots of chrome parts on these vehicles with the chrome rubbed off exposing the nickle below. I don't really have a good solution for removing burnt on gunk. Your choice depends on how much light scratching you can tolerate. Just remember....at 60 miles an hour, no one will notice.
  4. Google US Plastics. They have a wide selection of quick release fittings. Some that look exactly like the ones Victory uses. I think they have brass fittings that would match right up, but I haven't looked at their catalog in a while.
  5. Langcourt Performance 2080 McMillan St. Auburn, AL 36832 334-887-9633.....for Nikasil. Price list on their web site.
  6. I have a chrome plating shop and I can tell you that no chrome plating shop will plate used exhaust pipe as it will contaminate the Nickel plating bath. The problem is that there is no reliable way to clean the residue out of the pipes. The shields are no problem however.
  7. I have a chrome plating shop and I have re-plated probably 6 sets of Hammer lowers. It appears to be a model specific problem as I've not redone any Kingpin lowers.
  8. "Did I blow a fuse?" I'm sorry, but that's a stupid fuckin' question. You have access to the fuses to check. We don't That's the first thing you should have checked, slap nuts.
  9. Why would you waste your money changing plugs two times in 20,000 miles? Total waste of time and money.
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