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  1. Depends on WHICH cam I believe. The 'original' cam that he's been selling for forever can be dropped in place in around 2 hrs w/out having to drop the motor or anything.. the newer cam requires that the carriers be upgraded as well.. and takes more time etc. Just what i remember reading.. I'm sure someone will be along to explain it better.
  2. From what I recall pretty much all the exhaust will work cross bike on all the steel frames.. 2 possible issues. Taking a pipe that doesn't have an 02 bung and trying to put it on a 08 or later closed loop = NOPE.. and most likely you'll have to fab a mount to hold it.
  3. I was checking out the 3rd gear unit the other day, last I checked they didn't have a model that would fit the pre-08 open loop bikes. Have to check that out again. Same with the Wyrd Bros box.. I think (from what I could find) that it was only 08 and up models with closed loop. PMRT didn't still make one at all last I looked. I believe Lloyd still has his older 'S&S knockoff' airbox for the open loop bikes.. have to check with him for availability.
  4. That my friend, is an original Arlen Ness airbox.. or also known as a 99 airbox. It was the stock box for a 99, replaced by what you seen on every other steel framed vic since. It wasn't a particularly great intake, just better than a stage one. I know.. ( have one on my bike. Biggest PITA with it is that you have to remove the tank to get to the airbox to clean the filter. They don't sell them any more but you can still buy the filter media for it. If you've got a big bore kit in that think, maybe you might want to invest in a little better airbox. Like I said, it works ok.. but there are better.
  5. Gonna need a NEW TPS, not just a reset. The giveaway is that he only seems to have the issue when he's at a steady state throttle. Good news in 2 parts... first, it's only like 35 bucks or something at any auto parts store. Second, because he has the after market intake it's easy a hell to do .. 2 bolts and a plug in cable.. DONE. You might not even need to do a TPS reset afterwards but I would, just to synch it all up. Seriously, thats going to fix the issue based off of what you're seeing.
  6. I get your point, but there is a significant difference between running an engine on oil past the oil change interval and changing a belt at a suggested point. If the belt goes over.. the worst thing that can happen is.. the belt breaks. At which point you replace it. No peripheral damage done, no extra cost other than the inconvenience of being away from home possibly when it happens. Considering I've read some guys will take a spare belt with them to swap if it breaks since it's that easy to do on the side of the road.. no big deal. Not changing the oil however.. that can damnage the engine and transmission, both of which can cost significantly more to fix and you aren't gonna do that on the side of the road. If you're going to td draw a parallel circumstance, changing the tires would be a little closer. Even that is a bit more hazardous.. a blown tire or loss of traction is significantly more dangerous than a belt giving way. Just my .02 cents.
  7. I feel your pain.. there is nothing more annoying to track down than an electrical gremlin. Most likely when you find it it'll only cost a couple bucks to fix.. but the finding will drive you MAD.
  8. I've always thought there should be a much better attachment system for arguably the most important connection on the bike...the one to the battery. Something like a blade and socket joint or something, universal would fix SO many problems that people have with their electrical systems, AND would help with corrosion control, fitment you name it. Glad you were able to get her locked down.
  9. Ok, first of all your local dealer is an idiot. Regardless of whether or not he can tell what is currently flashed on the system, he has the software to connect up to the ECU and reprogram it. I wouldn't bother with that anyways.. biggest mistake I ever made on my 09 KPT is letting the dealer try to set up MY S&S with the flash from S&S. The thumbfingered morons that did it managed to screw it all to hell and I ended up trading my bike after a year because I just got fed up with dealing with the idiots at the dealership. Turned out that it was all their fault btw, they had managed to damage the plug for the ECU in the process of flashing it and refused to replace it because it would have been at their cost. Long and short of it, the dealers are the only ones that can connect up and read/change the ECU on the bike. There may not be a specific flash for your pipes but they still should be able to re-flash it and tell you what's on it. Are you sure you didn't have baffles in the swept pipes? They are a horrid gigantic banana looking thing in the swept pipes that Vic sold. Just as an fyi, the swept pipes are the absolute worst pipe made for performance for Victory, according to guys like Lloydz. Go to his site and look at the dyno chats the comments on it several times how bad they are for performance. Second, I think that the cause of the 'lurching' you're experiencing is the IAV. I believe in 08 Vic came up with a system to meet EPA by cheating.. it basically dumps air into the exhaust when you let off the throttle to help burn the extra unburnt gas in the system. There's more to it than that, but I believe that a lot of guys gout around that jake brake feeling by getting the IAV from LLoydz. Hopefully someone that's done it can chime in to state whether or not that would help fix your problem.
  10. Yet another thing about the way Victory handles their dealers and claims. IF you have a warranty on your bike with VICTORY it should not matter 2 shits what dealer you go to for repair or to lay a claim.. they should all be able to be re-imbursed from the mother ship. When I was told (more than once) that although I had a warranty on my bike it needed to be worked on at the dealer I bought it at. That's some bullshit right there.
  11. I've always been a spring changer myself. I ride throughout the winter too, so I guess it's kinda silly to only do it in the spring. Actually I usually end up changing the oil at least twice a year.. once in the spring and usually late summer.
  12. Nope, you were on point, I'm the one out in left field. :) I totally forgot the title of the thread. :)
  13. Porous cast maybe? Over the years there have been a few that had some oil getting through the casting... either way oil anywhere is an immediate trip back to the dealer and get it documented. Don't hesitate, do no pass go and do not equivocate.. gasket or porous head or whatever it should be taken care of under warranty.
  14. The fact that A) it's got a 173,000 miles and B) it sounds like the engine has been USED some (playing whack-a-mole with the dime-a-dozen 110CVO bikes) give me some confidence that I really shouldn't worry about any engine issues for another 100,000 or so. :) Good stuff. LOVE the fact that you found the part yet again at the parts store for chump change to fix it.
  15. Wasnt' gonna reply cuz I haven't ever heard of one going bad before... you identify this failure yourself or did a dealer tell you?
  16. Umm, worse fuel mileage? Do you have the after market intake too? Kinda hard to answer w/out knowing a little more...
  17. Good deal. I'm too stubborn sometimes, I probably wouldn't have taken the chance that buying a new tire wouldn't have made a difference and had to eat the cost of another new tire. Sometimes a bad part is just a bad part.
  18. Not to belabor a point or question anyone's competency, but HOW did you check the belt alignment? Looking at the marks on the swingarm is a bust. The ONLY way to really make sure the belt is where it's supposed to be is suspend the rear wheel and spin it in both directions, adjusting as you go. The belt will shift from left to right slightly and vice versa as you change the rotational direction. I've watched a tire get changed on a vic before and the wrench just made sure the marks were the same on both sides.. not actually spinning the tire to see where the belt tracked. I had a rubbing belt and brought it back twice before I came across the process outlined above.
  19. I don't really know why but it seems techs have a hell of a time recentering vic belts when you change a tire. No matter who does mine I always check it myself and end up having to adjust it some when I get it home. They usually don't do too bad on the belt slack, but waaay off on the centering.
  20. Thanks, that's what I was gonna do this time around. I've broken one and have a second one fraying, so I know there's something causing an issue in there. I'll also check with Scott about ordering a replacement cable now that It would seem a standard cable will do the job. The current one I have IS a handmade job, the guy soldered the ball ends on a piece of cable and it's worked for the last 30,000 miles/4 years. Thanks all, this kind of info is why I pay my dues every year.
  21. As luck would have it I decided to check my clutch cable after watching the excellent video on how to do preventative maintenance and... my cable is fraying already at the clutch handle. So I need another. I have the sav-ur-ride cable so if it does break short term I can get moving again. Problem is, I have the Ness bars on my bike and the what-looks-like braided cable, so I wasn't sure what cable to order. Maybe even a Barnett cable if one would fit on my 07 KPT?
  22. I'd bet that's the culprit too. If there's an achillies heel to our bikes, it's the electrical system. NO tolerance whatsoever for out of spec voltage.
  23. That bit about the master cylinder is bunk. Unless you're parking your bike upside down you shouldn't ever have to worry about air getting in the lines, as long as the master cylinder is properly filled. You have some other issue here man, whether it's a leaking line or a bleeder or something, air should not be able to 'creep' into your brake lines. Ever.
  24. hehe, that's funny, I did almost exactly that yesterday when it went out... I was in the hammer lane blowing by everyone and thought to myself 'yep, this is about the right speed'. :)
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