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  1. Judge not, lest ye be judged. Some trips are about the destination, and endless hours of hauling ass on a freeway is not necessarily my idea of a nice ride
  2. Makes my eyes hurt; just looking at it for a minute. Could not imagine looking for 24 hours :tu
  3. For several years we had the meet over the Labor Day weekend. This provided a three day for many that did not have a bunch of vacation, and all the locals had it easy. Last year, this year, and next year all are falling in early August. Not only do we loose the 3 day weekend, but during August we also have Sturgis, and the AVR. So for 2012; even if we don't do Labor Day. Lets do September instead of August
  4. Never claimed to have INVENTED the cruise, or for that matter the screw which the design is based on. The item you are selling though is a direct copy of the item that you bought from me. Then after offering it to you at better then a 30% discount. You told me that it sounded good, but you did not have the funds available. Imagine my surprise when I see them for sale on your site for less then you could possibly sell for. This is not about his lowering the price though. It is about underhanded backstabbing, and lieing. If I was truely worried about price; would I have offered to sell out for $45 a unit, and just walk away????? Now I hear some crap about a part being broken. Well that is highly questionable since the cap is drilled, and tapped with the threads screwed in; before they are welded. I knew sooner, or later that someone would come along, and start STEALING ideas from the little guys here on the site, but I never imagined it would come from within. My product is not the only one that has been stolen either. Somehow WD's moral compass has no problem with taking out a small guy just trying to make an extra buck. It is clearly obvious that he has no issue with taking from companies Like Ness with the copy of the Land Shark designs. Which would then lead me to the next question. Is the VMC at all legally liable for promoting a company that decides to step on the trademarked designs of a company like Ness??? The simple arrogance of the PM's you sent to me shows the caviler attitude you have towards others, and while you have no problem inviting people to wait in line to sue you. The club needs to consider what could happen as collateral damage to your ethics. T%his is nothing abo
  5. Very nice, but you forgot to mention Stainless thumbscrew, and springs Aluminum body Dupont Delron rubbing block That bad boy will last long enough to become a family heirloom
  6. http://buywitchdoctors.com/ First off here is a LINK to your site that works. Looks real good, but I have one small comment. The contrast color of most of the writing is to dark, and kind of hard to see[at least for my old ass]
  7. I'm 2 for 4, and about to go 3 for 5. I know you were at the 2 I went to Dave, and I believe Kozy was. Who are the others??
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