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  1. Judge not, lest ye be judged. Some trips are about the destination, and endless hours of hauling ass on a freeway is not necessarily my idea of a nice ride
  2. For several years we had the meet over the Labor Day weekend. This provided a three day for many that did not have a bunch of vacation, and all the locals had it easy. Last year, this year, and next year all are falling in early August. Not only do we loose the 3 day weekend, but during August we also have Sturgis, and the AVR. So for 2012; even if we don't do Labor Day. Lets do September instead of August
  3. I'm 2 for 4, and about to go 3 for 5. I know you were at the 2 I went to Dave, and I believe Kozy was. Who are the others??
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