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  1. Just wanted to take a moment and thank Craig Ripley and the Mass Bay Victory Riders for coordinating this event again. I was glad I came up again for the event and would likely come up again. The food was excellent once again and while the event was held at the Matterhorm, our accommodations at The Kitzhof Inn were excellent. This is a GREAT time of year to hold the rally and be in Vermont. Temps are in the 70's and little, to no, traffic thanks to the event taking place after Labor day. Again, the Granite State Chapter did a great job of welcoming me and my wife. The shuttle was a great, and very welcome, addition to the event. If possible, this is something they should definitely have again. Thanks again, great job to everyone that helped make this event happen and I look forward to seeing everyone next year.
  2. That's awesome, thanks guys.... Is there a Facebook page for this event?
  3. Considering making the trip down from NY next year for this. Was just looking at a map of Murfreesboro and the surrounding area. What kind of riding is there within a 100 mile raius of Murfreesboro?
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