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  1. check 'em out at www.cycleopsusa.com/seats
  2. BLACK FRIDAY EXTENDED SALE! 3 great ways to Save! Best deals of the year! Something you want not in the sale or on the site? Just call 305-345-9444 9am to 9pm 7 days a week or email CycleOpsUSA@gmail.com www.cycleopsusa.com
  3. Check out our new site with lots of new products as well. www.cycleopsusa.com Use coupon code LABOR2016 at checkout to apply the discount Limited supplies, get yours now before they're gone!
  4. Having been listening for too long about the navigation problems on our outdated site I have finally completed and uploaded our new site. We've added many products as well as much easier navigation, even now having a mobile site as well as a search and products kisted by the the specific model. I would really appreciate everybody checking it out and giving their input, and if you see anything wrong or feel that there's anything I can do to improve it further just let me know. www.cycleopsusa.com
  5. CYBER MONDAY SALE with TUESDAY THROWN IN FOR GOOD MEASURE! 25% OFF on select items including all CycleOps USA billet goods! This is our BIGGEST SALE EVER with the deepest discount you will ever find on our products. If you've been thinking about ordering anything from us now is the time! So many great holiday gift items that you really need to go to your site and look around. We thank you in advance for your support and we wish you all and your friends and families a happy and healthy holiday season! DISCOUNT CODE: CYBER25 www.cycleopsusa.com Apple/Mac and PC users not using Internet Explorer should go to www.cycleopsusa.com/store for the best browsing experience. Useful links: www.cycleopsusa.com/aboutus.html www.cycleopsusa.com/custombillet.html www.cycleopsusa.com/customupholstery.html www.cycleopsusa.com/exhaust.html You can also call in your order or inquire with any questions to 305-345-9444 from 9 AM to 9 PM today and tomorrow As well as email us at orders@cycleopsusa.com.
  6. I have an assortment of items that I'm looking the blowout to reduce inventory. These include bill it wedges, engine cover sets, and some luggage racks. Contact me with your needs and I'll let you know if we have something in the overstock clearance that will work for you. The best way to reach me is by phone or text at 305-345-9444 seven days a week, 9 AM to 9 PM.
  7. Still have some items left, contact me with what you're looking for and I'll let you know if I have it.
  8. Let It Ride


    Bob, you well know I never said tough shit to you on your order. I can understand your frustration and I do apologize but there's no need for making things up here. if you recall we corresponded back and forth a few times due to my supplier not responding when I sent them your order for drop ship. The last of any contact I had from you was a year ago on October 19th. I had written you an email that unfortunately they no longer carry that item and if you wanted to switch to something else. They never heard back from you and then it became out of sight out of mind.. I don't want your money. After that your purchase fell off my radar and only down a year later am I seeing you posted. When I get back into the shop I'll check into it and send a refund. in the last year I have only been a phone call away to let me know I still owed you the refund. That would have been less effort to just pick up the phone then to make a post like this. there have been many posts around this forum or I've asked anybody with any problems to give me a call day or night as my business phone is also my cellular. I am always reachable.
  9. Let It Ride


    Bob, your refund has been issued. Sorry for the inconvenience. Craig, when I'm wrong and screw up I admit it. unfortunately when you're a one man show sometimes you get overwhelmed and things fall through the cracks. The bottom line is making things right. And thanks for that kind comment, I appreciate it, I try my best, but unfortunately that's not always good enough and sometimes shit happens.
  10. Let It Ride


    I will stand by that I never told you to do whatever you wanted. That's not something I would ever say so you must have misconstrued something somewhere in the conversation as I would never treat my customers with such disrespect. Especially when they're right. That said, I had a nice talk with your Mrs. the PayPal refund was cancelled and a check is in the mail to you. Again, my apologies for dropping the ball.
  11. I'm glad you're happy with the product Jeff. Thanks for posting! Pictures?
  12. I appreciate the post Kevin, but not staying up and running isn't an option and I will surely remain in business. Many don't know that I'm a one-man show. This has its challenges when it comes to balancing one's business life with a personal one. To say the last three years have been a challenge is an understatement. It took a long time to learn how to balance my life after the divorce and to be able to take care of my young daughters more than 50% of the time, as well as run the business and house, all myself. I have done many things over this time to simplify my personal life and to be able to make it more easily integrated into my business. I will admit that there were many orders that went out late long ago. Now the only time something will be delayed is if it is out of stock. All I can say at this point is I have been a fellow VMC member for well over eight years now and love this place. If it wasn't for the VMC in the first place my company wouldn't exist because it was here that the seed was planted in the business grew. I guess my friend Kevin misunderstood what I was trying to say after he and I talked on the phone. to put it in a nutshell, the insane cost of my divorce and everything I lost in it left me in a very bad financial position which also made it hard to operate the business. I'm also not too ashamed to admit that losing my family definitely through my mind off kilter quite a bit. Now that all that is long behind me I have been doing everything I can to earn my A+ reputation back that you have all come to know from me over the last eight years. I could use all the business I can get these days and if there's something you need, just let me know. I thank you for your support in the past, the present, as well as in the future.
  13. Unfortunately the trip to Helen will not be in the cards for me this year. it's killing me seeing all the posts of the event on Facebook and not being there for the first time in I think 5 years. it's part of the perils of being a one man show where I have to be here to rebuild the company to what it once was. times are really hard right now but that's when you have to pull up the boot straps and work even harder. bring me some orders fellas, I'm looking forward to packing and shipping them! :)
  14. hey Dale, after you PM me I went to the site myself and it was fine. Like I mentioned in the pm, if your on an apple product you have to go to the main page instead of scrolling up to the menu you scroll down and click on go to store. This is because the menu buttons are in flash which Apple products can't read. I hope to be updating the site soon and removing the flash to make it more universal a friendly.
  15. Take advantage of our five-day 20% off VALENTINE'S DAY SALE! Use coupon code CUPID20 at check out to apply the discount.* Get something for someone you love more than anyone else, or even for someone other than yourself! :-) Billet trunk, backrest, and solo luggage racks RPW Exhaust Drag-n-Rests Hand sculpted billet fender struts Vision billet upper and lower wind deflectors Billet primary inserts Grips and pegs Billet engine wedges Billet shift linkages Billet clutch arm covers Billet engine cover sets Barnett clutch cables (in stock inventory only) Master Formula polish and sealer Leather jackets, chaps, and vests for both men and ladies, children too! Men's and women's jewelry And so much more! Visit the site now at www.CycleOpsUSA.com Apple users: Due to our menu buttons using flash programming you cannot easily navigate around the site on an iPad or iPhone easily. The below list of pages will show you many photos of our items. However if you access the store directly you will see all of our items, just not as much detail on them as on the site itself. Until we build a new one making it more Apple friendly please use the following links to access various sections of the site: Main page: www.cycleopsusa.com/aboutus.html Proprietary parts page: www.cycleopsusa.com/custombillet.html Additional parts offered: www.cycleopsusa.com/morevictoryparts.html Custom reupholstery services: www.cycleopsusa.com/customupholstery.html Exhaust and fuel management: www.cycleopsusa.com/exhaust.html Main store page with all items: www.cycleopsusa.com/store.html *Some items excluded from sale.
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