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  1. Trenton to Atwood is pretty too, especially when the lake is full. A few years ago during wheat harvest I returned from Norton, KS to Greeley and was run off the road by a combine coming my way; ...I had just been cutting wheat for a couple weeks myself and couldn't understand what caused him to do that. When I take 385 south from Wray I can't help but "open it up" through the large valley there. I always set the "maximum speed" on the GPS right there.
  2. I like Hwy 27 from Haigler to St. Francis, it is a great perspective on the high plain between the rivers, and a great road with two (2) large curves in 18 miles. Of course if you are not stopping at the museum, Hwy 161, with the hills just south of 34, then the very flat plain leading into Bird City is spectacular, in my view.
  3. I will not be staying at the Zermatt with the group on Thursday night, but will arrive there by 7:30 AM Friday morning for departure at 8:30. If anyone has bike or personal issues upon arrival in Midway that may impact the ride on Friday, please call me or text at 970-481-3903.
  4. Departure from Midway will be at 8:30. Lunch and fuel in Vernal (131 miles/ 2 1/2 hours). Craig (121 miles/ 2 1/2 hours).
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