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  1. Honda ST 90??? ain't that same bike that Lloyd and Harry rode to Aspen from Providence? lmao
  2. Agreed lobsterhunter, and diamond just got a new 2 seat setup for porti. Diamond and Gary can ride 2 up all the way out there. Be sure to take lots of pics guys and keep the shiny side up! (lmao)
  3. Again......... I vote for Gary Smith. I still can't get over the fact that the last time I had my bike worked on, Gary opened up SMS on a Sunday!!! just so I could get my bike up to him to fix it and it ain't like Gary lived next door to the shop. Ness told me it'd be a some time before they could get to my bike. That's dedication to his customers (how many of yous would be willing to do what he did/does?).
  4. A vote for Gary Smith of Victory Lane Cycles - best wrench on the West Coast. I say give him the room and fill the fridge with cold ones.
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