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  1. It's less than a month away!!!. http://www.victoryrally.com https://www.facebook.com/VictoryRally/
  2. Just a few important tidbits of information... - As we attempt to maintain this as a family-friendly event, we ask that attendees refrain from wearing colors while at the rally. To my knowledge, this hasn't been an issue, but we'd like to minimize any/possible issues as we continue to build this event. - The hotel staff has asked that we refrain from bringing motorcycles inside the hotel. I'm sure Drew would appreciate it, as well. - Parking will continue to be an issue. We are looking into some options, but for the time being, last year's rules will apply. They follow... **SOUTHEAST VICTORY RALLY PARKING** As those of you who have attended in the past may have already noticed, parking at the host hotel is a problem area. We believe it is time to take steps to alleviate some of the issues, with availability and safety in mind. To that end, the following changes continue for this year's event. Please plan accordingly... -With the exception of the small area at the end of the Country Inn & Suites where the dumpster is, the hotel parking lot will be cordoned off for MOTORCYCLES ONLY. -Six parking spaces in that small area will be reserved for hotel staff. The staff is there for us, it's the least we can do for them. Please respect the reserved parking signs. -For those caging or trailering to the event, there is a parking lot across the street from the city park. However, space is limited. You can also park your vehicles/trailers in the city lot at the end of Edelweiss Strauss, past the festhalle. NOTE: THERE IS A FEE FOR PARKING IN THE CITY LOT. -For those that have parked at the Chinese restaurant in the past...as far as I know, that restaurant is still open for business, so you won't be able to park there. -Pop-up tents/pavilions can be a welcome escape from the sun and inclement weather and we welcome them at the rally. However, as we work toward providing as much parking availability to accommodate everyone, we are asking that pop-ups be put up on the grassy/sidewalk areas next to the hotel and not in parking spaces, unless they are intended to be used for covered parking. I understand this may be an inconvenience for some, but we felt it's necessary to provide the best possible overall experience for everyone attending. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.
  3. The popular work shirts will be available again this year. This image will be embroidered on the back of a charcoal grey Dickies Short Sleeve Work Shirt. These will be limited run items and will only be available through PREORDER. Please note, we are also unable to ship these, so they must be picked at on site during the rally. We are working on getting costs down, so stay tuned for pricing and ordering info!
  4. The host hotel generally books up on Sunday before the previous year's event closes. Sometimes, people will cancel and rooms will open up. This usually happens in May, about 2 weeks before the event. If we have any rooms open up, I'll post them to let everyone know. If you'd like to stay close, but can't get a room at the host, put in a call to Sylvia at USRiderNews, 478-494-7992. She is handling our overflow and has rooms available at the Super8 and the Best Western.
  5. You've heard about. You may have even been there once or twice or 7 times. But...the 2013 Southeast Victory Rally is set to be bigger and better than any previous year and will be difficult to top in the future! There will be recommended ride sheets and GPS files available. There will be a poker run (organized and coordinated by the Southern Comfort Victory Riders). There will be a bike show, with cruiser, bagger, touring, and custom classes. There will be swag from our sponsors and vendors and supporters. There will be food and drinks and music and maybe just a little bit of mayhem. As always, we continue our attempt to make theis event bigger and better every year. 2013 is no different! Along with all of the above standard fare, we also have the Thursday Night Kick-off Party, the Friday Night Witchdoctor's Luau, and Saturday's Freedom Night at the Festhalle. This year's kick-off party will be the Southeast Victory Rally/USRiderNews Party in the Park! We've joined forces with the fine folks at USRiderNews for a combined Thursday night blowout with Food, music, libations, and more! It is shaping up to be a great start to the weekend! New for this year is the Witchdoctor's Luau, sponsored (obviously) by Witchdoctor's Billet Specialties! Food, music and giveaways are on the schedule. Grass skirts and flower shirts are optional (but welcome)! Freedom Night at the Festhalle, sponsored by Freedom Powersports, is our culminating event of the weekend. Catering is once again being taken care of by North GA BBQ, so there will be plenty of that wonderful BBQ to feast upon. Our raffles and auctions will follow, along with special giveaways and announcements. For additional information, or to preregister for the event, be sure to check out http://www.victoryrally.com and https://www.facebook.com/#!/VictoryRally . We look forward to seeing everyone in 49 days!!!
  6. I'd be there if I could. Sucks having to miss it, this year. This might be the first in 10 years. Any chance you could score me one of those shotglasses??
  7. First weekend of August... Kids don't start school in PA until September... I'll have to see how the job situation pans out over the next few months, but maybe...
  8. It's damn near impossible to count the number of motorcycles at an event like this. I would suspect that 237 is the number of registered attendees. There is no way to count for unregistered attendees, but to guesstimate. At this year's Southeast Victory Rally, we had 225 registered attendees. Based on that and the number of folks that were there that I know weren't registered, I estimate total attendance at 250ish. With the number of 2-up riders, I would guess we had somewhere in the neighborhood of 200 bikes in the parking lot at night. Except for Friday night, when 2 of them were inside the hotel...
  9. Be mindful of your speed between exit 9 and exit 16 in Georgia. That usually were I see cops. They will hang out in the medians, but also tend to set up speed traps on the exit 13 overpass. You'll also want to want your speed rolling into Tifton. Same deal there. Speed reader on the overpass, runners lined up on the on-ramp. Don't waste time with taking trying to take a bypass around Atlanta. It's 8 lanes all the way through and motorcycles are allowed in the HOV lane. If there's a traffic jam in Atlanta on I-75, you can bet the farm the bypass is jammed too. There will be a ton of traffic and they'll all be going fast. Keep your head on a swivel and the throttle twisted.
  10. I used EBCs on my Suzuki before without issue. Decent stopping power, but when applied, they buzzed (like a bumblebee). Drove me crazy at first. Don't know if the Vic pads do that, though.
  11. Just a reminder...the 2012 Southeast Victory Rally kicks off on May 31st.
  12. All of the big casinos are hurting with this economy and deals can be had. Yesterday, I saw rooms listed at the Hooters Casino Hotel for $38/night. Most of the big places on the strip have rooms listed lower than $70/night. If you're gonna stop in Vegas, you're gonna hit the strip. Might as well stay there...
  13. You're gonna find this every time. We have the same issue with the SE Vic Rally. Our host hotel has been booked solid for months, but registrations were slow to come in. Give it time and post up periodic reminders and folks like the ones above will start to register. The majority of your attendees will register within the 6 weeks prior to the event, regardless of your efforts to get them in sooner. Kind of sucks for organizers, but after doing it for a few years, you get used to the trends.
  14. Mike, In my dealing with the Army, rank comes and goes pretty quick. Are you sure you want to invest so much in your current pay grade? What happens when you get promoted? If it were me, I would have Will cut a set of U.S. Army logo badges and then get Big Joe at Kewlmetal to do some engine covers with the rank insignia. That way, as the promotions come, you simply change the engine cover inserts without having to shell out a few hundred dollars with every promotion.
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