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  1. '03 T.C; 25,782 Mi.'s.

    This started today.

    Loping along, 1800 /1900 rpm, 5th gear, gently roll on throttle & it breaks up.

    Miss disappears at 2050 / 2100 rpm.

    Other then that, starts, idles & runs great!!??

    Only in 5th gear.

    Did throttle reset.

    Bad plug?, TPS going??????


  2. Good story & vid.

    Rode the Million Dollar Hwy back in Aug. as part of my annual long trip ( and some of those other roads) and it should be on everyone's "bucket List." CO is awesome! 8)

    Those who have never rode CO and can go to the Nat'l Meet will never forget it. Guaranteed!



  3. What are the diff.'s; if any , in the front & rear suspensions on an 03 & 04 T.C?

    Front Spring diff.'s, Rr. shock diff.'s?

    P/Ns on the Rr. shock s are diff. & on the '03 800x750 is stamped on the coil of the spring, on the '04, 650/8.00??


  4. in my 2002-2004 VICTORY Service Manuel.

    in the Gen.Specs. pages it lists Oil capacity for the 2002 T.C. as 6 Qts .(5.7 Ltr)

    for the 2003-2004 T.C. 6.5 Qts. (6.15 Ltr)


    My question is: what are the differences in the internals of the motors that the 2003-2004 requires .5 more Qts???

  5. Went out today to go for a ride and after the bike cranked (normally) it began to stutter & quit!

    Would fire back up, but ran rough and wouldn't idle, like a bad plug.

    Turned it off and restarted, same symptoms, but with RPM began to run a little better but still rough..

    Turned it off and this time the fuel pump kept running ..

    Turned it off ,restarted, fuel pump still running.

    Turned it off, restarted, after prime, everything normal.????

    Rode 120+ mi. stops for gas & lunch. Ran great, No problems.?????


    So, WTF???? Fuel pump relay???

    (Fuel pump just OH'd by Rylan and has 2600 mi.'s since OH.)



  6. I purchase off ebay a set of alum.cast wheels off a 99(Victory script on 1 spoke)

    I'm putting them on the 03 TC I just bought.

    Can I use the rotor bolts & pulley bolts for an 03 cast wheel listed in the parts break down???

    Part #'s are diff, for respective years.


    Any thing else I should know??




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