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  1. Dang Pete! I was looking forward to riding it in the Shriner's Christmas parade. 8)
  2. Confirmed at the BHCC Thurs thru Sun; and only a short 2000 mi ride to get there. :tu
  3. Saw it. :y: Good segment on the 'Victory' Hwy. They did a good one not long ago on Rt.66 too.
  4. Cool! but all I got to say is, it better not be freakin snowing. 8)
  5. I'm reasonably sure there will still be plenty of racing going on. 8)
  6. For every $1,000.00 you scooter trash can raise up to $10,000.00 I'll give another $100.00 :har
  7. My wife and I support the Victory Junction Gang Camp and have for 8 years, including working there for a week. If you visit just once and see what they do for the kids and the joy these kids , who have very little to be joyful about, get out of the camp, you will too.***** I know it's impossible for many to visit the camp but go to the Web site and check it out and jump on board with 'Russian' and support the camp and the work they do for these kids. ***** that's my opinion and it ought to be yours. -----
  8. 'Bear'- Glad 'ya'll made it home safe & sound. It was good seeing you and the bride again. 'Till next tiem.....
  9. BTW: The look on a guy's face cruising I-40 at 75+ on a SE FLHTC when passed by a VIC (towing a trailer) followed immediately by two more VICs. Priceless! 8)
  10. Every style and type of VIC was represented and we had a great time. 'till next time................ :beer
  11. Copy fwd'd to PETA. ;) NOTE the ground underneath the bike where Fred pissed himself. 8)
  12. you sure Milt's GPS said take I-40 to Knoxville and head south?
  13. I know I left my bike parked somewhere near here........and I don't even drink. wish people would leave me the f__ _k alone when I come to these things. Geez! Can't a guy catch a break. 8)
  14. "Where'd everybody go. Hope Kevinx comes back and installs my cruise soon. " 8)
  15. Who cares when Octoberfest is. This is "VICTOBERFEST" and it's the end of Sept. in VIRGINIA. Come one, come all! :beer
  16. Yesterday on my way to Staunton I spotted two Visions (what are the odds) at a gas station in Waynesboro, VA. I pulled in and it was Bruce(The MA VIC Rep) and Rick & Teresa Catlin (of Catlin's Custom Cycles in Richmond,Va) they were mapping out one of the rides and entering waypoints on their GPS'. :y: Got this from my dealer and wanted to post it to the whole region. Also posted this in Hampton Roads Victory Riders Chapter Forum. Hope to see you there. (2008 Victoberfest in the Shenandoah Valley.jpg) Attachments
  17. My appt is for Fri 10 a.m. :y: Get in line. :har
  18. Nothing like sippin a fine bourbon in the evening with friends. I'll have some 'Blantons'. 8)
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