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  1. Have looked everywhere so, anyone fitted a pair of CR hard leather bags to a C Mdl. or know if they will fit .? I assume I'll have to fab brackets & mounts (or use Ghost Brackets) but I need to know if they will fit between the rear of the seat and how they will line up with the lines of the fender. I know I may have to shorten the turn signal stems as well. Thks!!
  2. Left Daytona, spent a few more days in FL and took a little ride. Left Key West and up thru the Glades and up 41 to my brother's in St.Pete and home 8)
  3. Headed to Fl to check on my mother and make some arrangements and making a two day stop at BIKETOBERFEST. Anything VMC related going on?
  4. Year before last Lloyd switched out my VFC for a PC111 and mapped & dyno tuned it. So far still runs like a top but was curious when I read this thread and I'm glad for Kevin's insight. I continue to learn here. :y:
  5. First let me thank everyone for their input. Turns out, and I'm embarrassed to say, it WAS the belt tension ,and / or alignment. When I mounted the new rear tire(DUNLOP E3)evidently I did not tighten the belt enough. Upon close inspection I saw where the belt had been rubbing the lower plastic stone guard on the outside edge. Loosened it all up , re-adjusted, aligned and tightened everything up and all is well.Noise gone! 8)
  6. Lately I have developed a noise I can't identify and thought before I pull the tank and start trying to find it I'd post for thoughts,etc. While riding when I let off the gas I hear what sounds like a "whistle". Almost like air or maybe something rubbing.?? I've found while riding & trying to identify it I can hear it best at around 2000 rpm in 4th while the bike's relatively quite. I can roll off the throttle /Let off the gas, the noise!, get on the throttle ever so slightly, noise disappears??? Can't tell if it's coming from under the tank or where??? I thought at first it was the brakes, not! It's progressively getting louder but barely audible.?? Intake,(Lloyd's) tank inline fuel filters clogged a little slightly starving the pump, main fuel filter,,,?? Hard to tell whre it's coming from too, can't tell if it's coming from under the tank or where.??? Bike starts fine,runs great,idles fine,etc; no issues otherwise. Thoughts and/or input?? Thanks!!!
  7. You're kidding right.Save your $200 and do a pre-flight each time. What's a couple minutes going over your bike before mounting up. Donate the $200 to the Victory Junction Gang Camp 8)
  8. I was as Barnes & Noble this past week taking a break and reading some MC Mags. There was was one, I think it was "2012 MC Buyers Guide," had a review and test of the 2012 Cross Country Tour. They noted , and I paraphrase here, that at triple digit speeds all that fork mounted mass that is the fairing developed a disconcerning wobble back and forth. They didn't note if they had checked the tire proessure,etc.....
  9. You're right to test the fairing as well. Air pressure is critical as well. ( I run E3s) I had issues when I installed my fairing and had a tall shield. It acted like a sail, lightened the front end to a point that at high speed, and especially if a semi passed, the front end would get light, it would develop a wobble and it scared the piss out of me on two occasions. Putting Progressive shocks, Gold Valve emulators AND a KlockWerks shield ended that. I'm covinced it was the tall shield & fairing combo causing the prob.. See KlockWerks site for wind tunnel tests. Good luck!
  10. It's time this winter so,, Would this be advised for my 01 Dlx? I've installed the Race Tech "Gold Valve Emulators" so I have a couple extra regulator holes too. Thks! Kevin said: [ "You can tune in a little more firmness by going to a 10w, but beyond that you tend to move from "firm" to harsh. The thicker oil can not get through the regulator holes fast enough, and basically becomes a solid. Through experimentation I have found that increasing the oil level by 10mm[reduces air space] makes for a bike with less brake dive, but still has a comfortable ride. I have a friend that we moved to 10w along with 10mm of extra fluid, and he liked the cornering, but felt the front end "skipped" across road imperfections in turns. We ended up moving him back to stock oil, and I think 15mm increased level."]
  11. Nice! Almost identical to mine (see "dyno charts" thread) Fun to ride huh? 8)
  12. OK, Well just got back from about a 60 + mi ride and it would seem , although I'm so gun shy at this point I hesitate to say, it's cured.???? Stumble off idle gone, miss & intermittent drop of rpm & occasional backfire while idling gone, miss at 2100 rpm in 5th when rolling on throttle gone, breaking up & backfiring gone! Long story short, after R&R the TPS, plugs,wires,checking 'Every' connection more then a few times, inspecting the entire harness, doing a fuel pressure and compression check,and then again, I removed the MSD coils and wires and put the OEM coils and New wires back on. Bikes runs smooth all the way to 6200 redline, and dare I say, smoother. Don't know definitively but suspect it was one of the wires or connectors supplied with, and from the MSD coils to the harness or coils as coils rarely go bad and they tested OK ohm wise. Time will tell. For now, THE BEAST IS BACK! :tu I appreciate this thread and others relative to my issue,(this sight is a great source of knowledge)all the advice and suggestions from everyone, Kevin, as always, thanks for taking your valuable time to address my OCD.
  13. I am SO hoping you figure this out, soon for your sanitys sake
  14. Just a thought, last week I was on my yearly long vacation, in the middle of nowhere and started experiencing similar symptoms. It would miss, not idle, drop a cyl; run like shit, back fire,etc,etc...... After 8 hours and eliminating everything you've done (new TPs, plugs,etc. and talking with Kevin over the phone several times (THANKS KEVIN!) it turned out to be a bad plug wire where it connected to the coil. The carbon fiber inside just breaks down. I went to a NAPA store and bought a generic wire set with plug boot and coil boot,,used the connectors from the old set & that got me home. Ran fine. New wires ordered. Good luck.
  15. Has anyone mounted the "Freedom Wings'' (see their web site) on a G & G fairing?
  16. FYI: Did the throttle reset & TPS adj; ('Hammer' motor) problem solved!!! :tu Motor is happy, quiter, smoother and bike just runs better too. The MC universe is back in alignment. 8)
  17. When Lloyd rebuilt my motor 7600 mi's ago,among other mods and his torque tubes, he removed the VFC & installed a PClll w/ custom map. Lately it has developed a stumble off idle, a miss under load and at speed (65mph, at 70-75 it disappears) It also backfires occasionally while backing down under load, and if I twist the throttle quickly just standing at the bike it stumbles , backfires pretty bad and then catches.,,,,,,,, I suspect a lean condition but can't find any leaks any where???????????? So my question is.......................... With the PClll if I do a throttle reset and a TPS adjustment, will that have any affect on the PClll settings? Thoughts, suggestions????/ Thks!
  18. The first few months riding a VIC and learning what all the noises are is an adjustment but, You'd be amazed how great my 01 sounds now after allthese years and with the BASSANNI 2-1 pipe, ,ear plugs & a full face helmet. 8)
  19. Can you determine at all which side of the bike it's coming from? Sounds like (no pun intended) clutch? This might sound stupid but, mine had a similar noise (it was a squeek) and it was the side case rubbing against the frame. I had to Dremel some so it had clearance.
  20. >Today my speedo started reving with the tach at a stop>>??? Rev the motor, speedo winds up??? >It showed I was doing 15 to 30 mph while sitting still and then was off by same.???? >It intermittently worked correctly and then went haywire again before I got home, winding up and slowing down>???? Input, solution? I thought it was because it was getting close to 6pm and the rapture.:-) Sensor going bad? Reboot by disconnecting battery??? That workded once two years ago when it stopped working completely on the way back from the Nat'l Meet in Billings.
  21. OK, after all the steps mentioned below and in addition this morning disconnecting the Crank Sensor connector under the bike and cleaning all the oil from it, blowing it dry and putting a little dilectric grease on it and reconnecting it, I rechecked the ground, removed the new plugs , inspected them closely with a microsope and couldn't find anything wrong but put the old plugs back in, buttoned it up , adjusted the clutch and took her for a 60+ mile ride. Purrs like a "lion" again. ???????? WTF??? no hiccups, no burps, no backfires, nothing!! Even had to readjust the idle cause it was idling too high!?? Don't know what it was but it's gone and I'm still puzzeled by it because I can't difinitively identify what caused it but I'll get over it, and the universe is in alignment again. 8)
  22. OK, pulled the plugs again and checked to make sure they weren't cracked, checked to make sure the gap was good and I didn't compress the electrode. Re-installed the plugs and made sure the caps / connectors were seated good, checked the connections to the coils, ground,etc. Starts fine, idles fine runs up good sitting still but breaks up a little if you twist the throttle quickly and Still breaking up starting at about 3000 accelerating under load, smooths out then breaks up again.??? TPS R & R next!??
  23. Starts fine, idles fine and runs up to redline fine sitting but, While accelerating under load it runs fine until, at 2800-3000 on the gas it breaks up.? Clears up until 3500-4000 but if I stay on the gas it will start to break up again. Full disclosure: Maybe just a coincidence but ......... I did change the plugs so I took the plugs out again and checked them and the connection at the coils because I started thinking maybe I didn't push the connector down or had a bad connection or forgot to tighten one, You know how it is.""Did I do this, did I do that?" Ran fine before I changed the plugs.??? Wanting input or feed back before I put the tank back on and button it back up. TPS? Regulator? Crank sensor? What? Thks!!
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