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  1. We in the SMVR have started planning our route and we want to let anyone who is interested see our plans in case they would like to join us on the way or even after.





    Good idea. Different Region members should post their routes & dates and members can possibly hook up in route.

    Plans here are to leave central VA Fri; Aug 24th. Route to still be determined & posted L8TR.

  2. My wife and I support the Victory Junction Gang Camp and have for 8 years, including working there for a week.

    If you visit just once and see what they do for the kids and the joy these kids , who have very little to be joyful about, get out of the camp, you will too.*****


    I know it's impossible for many to visit the camp but go to the Web site and check it out and jump on board with 'Russian' and support the camp and the work they do for these kids.



    ***** that's my opinion and it ought to be yours.



  3. dodat31 - 2008-08-31 5:42 PM


    Got in with no mishaps and lack seven miles being 78k.


    Had a GREAT time as usual with some GREAT ridin and Friends :chpr :beer


    To the Staff and Organizer......GREAT job and THANK Ya'll a whole bunch. :beer


    NOW the bad.........did anyone come across my Columbia River Knife & Tool (CRKT) knife laying around our area ? Single blade, 2 position locking, pocket clip on side


    If anyone is still at hotel can they check desk and hollar back.....I was in rm 230

    Thanks again



    What Kevin said about the Meet.



    Glad you made it home well buddy and BTW, I like my new knife.


    Kidding. Hope 'ya find it.

  4. Yesterday on my way to Staunton I spotted two Visions (what are the odds) at a gas station in Waynesboro, VA. I pulled in and it was Bruce(The MA VIC Rep) and Rick & Teresa Catlin (of Catlin's Custom Cycles in Richmond,Va) they were mapping out one of the rides and entering waypoints on their GPS'. :y:

    Got this from my dealer and wanted to post it to the whole region. Also posted this in Hampton Roads Victory Riders Chapter Forum. Hope to see you there.





    (2008 Victoberfest in the Shenandoah Valley.jpg)










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