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  1. H11 halogen listed at O'Reilly auto parts. Other major parts stores should have it as well.
  2. http://www.jpcycles.com/victory-motorcycle-spokes-and-nipples Spokes that fit the 16 inch wheels should be what you need.
  3. Need to see it powder black, contrast cut before I render final opinion. I am thinking it will look good but can't tell from the image in blue.
  4. I didn't ask about the turn signal cancelling issue while I was at Cowboy's of Beaumont. The service and parts departments had to have my help to order the license plate light components or all they would have got is the clear plastic housing, which by the way, I don't need. The LED light that is the heart of this thing is $84 from OEM distributors which is why I am going warranty to fix and replace. Looks like I have to take the bike to them to let them fix to be covered by warranty. Oh well, was looking for a reason to ride back down. I will update if the right parts come in and are installed next week.
  5. So there I was, changing the stock rear turn signals for LEDs... Well it is a bit of a PITA to get the wires out to connect the LEDs but during the process I wound up with an extra set of male connectors hanging down under the fender. I figured I must have pulled something loose by accident. Switched on the power and I had brake and turn signals but no license plate light. I found the license plate light popped out quite easily and sure enough, two female electrical connectors with nothing in them. Doesn't look like they were ever connected from their corroded state. The led inside the light housing is rattling around so it wasn't ever installed correctly. The light housing does not come apart that I can tell and seems to be sealed so the bulb rattling is my indication it was faulty from the start. Anyone else discover this as an issue with their bike? Looking at the OEM parts exploded view, looks like their are three different parts that are all the same, listed with different numbers, and different prices. I will get this to the dealer when I get time off from work but will take any advice in the mean time if you have any.
  6. I am having an issue with the the turn signals cancelling immediately after turning them on when I start down shifting. Most often it is the left that cancels when I engage the clutch and down shift. Much less often it is the right turn signal. Anyone else have this and know what the cause is?
  7. I do. I have the IAV, PCV and Conquest Customs GPs. I have not played with the PCV but have done as much tuning with the IAV as I can and have gotten the backfire to a minimum; if I ride it like a granny it don't backfire at all but if I ride it like I stole it, it will backfire on every upshift. Very frustrating and annoying. I have emailed KMC who did the install, posted in both the tech support and vendor areas, and no solutions have been offered. I think the only solution for mine is to get it back on a dyno. I have no exhaust leaks.
  8. Anyone going to the International Motorcycle Show at the Dallas convention Center 9-11 November? The wife and I try and attend every year. This year it is in November so should be able to ride in. Last year was in December and it was cold. No Demo Rides. Hoping for better weather this year.
  9. Took the cheese wedge off two days ago and marked the screw slot and AIV body with a sharpie. The screw has moved a full quarter turn on it's own, or three quarter if going the other direction. It is now backfiring at idle. Going to go screw it in and back out four turns and see what happens.
  10. I had the following installed at the VMC meet in Hot Springs: Conquest Customs Ground Ponders Pro One Oil Cooler Lloydz Torque Tubes Lloydz Idle Air Controller PC5 KMC tuned I am experiencing some regular backfiring on deceleration and up-shifting and downshifting. One helpful member suggested I check the Ram Tubes with IAV instructions http://www.lloydz.com/downloads/08-11_RAM_Tubes_with_IAV_04202011.pdf I did and I have the following concerns about adjusting the IAV with a PC5 installed and dyno tuned: According to the instructions "If you have a fuel controller installed also, you may need to adjust the idle/cruise range (Green Mode) as necessary." I have a PCV, not a VFC III. "Adjusting both fuel and air together most often gives better results." The PCV should be adjusted "correctly" on a dyno shouldn't it? So, is adjusting the IAV without an adjustment to the PCV taking a risk in impacting on the tuning KMC made on the dyno? Thanks for advice in advance.
  11. Scott, I appreciate your enthusiasm and support of the Victory line. The quality of your products is fantastic and your willingness to share your knowledge is appreciated. I thank you for taking the time so attend the event.
  12. I didn't win anything either. But I spent some money though. The vendor support was tremendous and they worked together. Scott from Conquest and Kyle from KMC were fantastic.
  13. Wow, two pics of my high ball getting the mods. Pretty cool. I have to reduce file sizes and will post more.
  14. I am a happy customer. The DRAG-N-REST meets form, fit and function as well as looks great and is high quality. The classic style rack has yet to be tested but I am sure it will prove just a great. Thanks for the great service Will. Checking out the site now to see what I might like with the 15% holiday sale.
  15. Hats off as well. Even though I did not get to do the ride Saturday because of all the work KMC and Conquest were doing to the High Ball, all the other events were very well organized and executed. Looking forward to Idaho.
  16. Okay, I am coming from central Louisiana. Leaving Thursday morning, on my highball. I think the worst will have passed me by then, but I will be following the remnants. Looking forward to the trip.
  17. Don't see anything on their site about how much they charge for the dyno. Due to Isaac and me being from Central Louisiana, not sure I want to sign up for a time just yet.
  18. My 2012 HB has a tendency to have stiff throttle after sitting in the Louisiana heat all day. Doesn't move smooth like it doses when cool and the idle stays up pretty high until after I have gone down the road a ways. Then it is back to normal after a few stops at lights. Anyone else have a similar problem? Victory dealer never heard of it, but has only worked on one bike since getting the franchise.
  19. Just booked today. Rooms still available.
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