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  1. Did you guys get the jar of sand from Ocean Beach, San Francisco that we sent from Leg 1????
  2. Chef and I changed our plans, and will not be riding Leg 4. We will be splitting off after Leg 3. Donna, I hope someone is riding with you to Craig, or you might reconsider as well.
  3. Anybody stepping up to Captain/Lead Leg 3 to Utah? There are a few of us from the Lost Coast Riders and some others planning on joining for this leg and would love to get some rezzies squared away in advance. C'mon UT Vicsters!!!!
  4. For those planning on meeting us and starting Leg 1 at Ocean Beach in San Francisco, this is a reminder that we are meeting at 8am across from the Beach Chalet at the beach parking lot along the Great Highway. Please be gassed up and ready to go when you arrive. We will distribute liability forms to fill out quickly and my Co-Leg Captain, Chef, will go over the ride details before we get going. We have a few stops to make before we get to lunch, including stopping in the City at Lincoln Park at the Lincoln Highway Marker to take a group picture, and we are expecting quite a few people so we don't want to linger too long at the beach. You may consider getting there a little earlier. Dinner and Baton Pass is going to be 7pm at Carson City Station Hotel, where some of us are staying. Can't wait to see everyone and start riding.
  5. Please read this those Victory riders who are riding all of Leg 1 to Carson City. http://forums.thevmc.com/bb/forums/thread-view.asp?tid=140038&start=1&posts=1#M1372921
  6. I just received the V2V backpack with our precious Victory handlebar along with the Road Diary and release forms. 4 days and counting....everybody ready to rock?
  7. Lieutenant Dann is going to have to weigh in on shirt styles and sizes. I have no idea what we're getting this year. Every rider is getting a pin, but the shirts, hats, and possibly patches, will be for sale. Looking like we are going to have quite a group for Leg 1, before and after lunch. Great way to kick off the 2014 V2V in style.
  8. On a side note - I don't have prices yet, but we are going to be selling the Victory V2V shirts and patches, and hats I think, for a charitable cause, and I expect with the big turn out we're gonna have, everybody is gonna dig into their pockets and contribute to this. Can I please get a confirmation from those who plan on getting a shirt or hat to respond here ASAP. Also, V2V pins will be distributed to all riders and be prepared to fill out the Liability form. Thank you for your attention. Proceed.
  9. yeah, it all happens when it happens. R&R - I'll ping you when we leave the city, but in case I forget cause it's damn early and I don't drink coffee, and got stuff on my mind.....but figure 10:30ish. Pew.. i dunno...whaddaya think...7pm?
  10. R&R - Gonna need gas anyway so I guess we can wait for ya... :har I'll research the minimart situation. Can't wait to see you Bro! Brent - that's great...look forward to seeing you again. 8am works just fine. We're gonna have quite the turn out. Chinese food it is, my friends.
  11. We'll be passing through Antioch and Stockton, and making gas stops for sure, so let us know if there are places you want us to stop on this route along that path.
  12. Updated info for Leg 1 Carson Station Hotel Casino 900 South Carson Street, Carson City, NV 89701 Reservation phone # (800) 501-2929 Block of 15 Rooms Reserved (7 Luxury King + 8 Double Queen) - mention Victory Motorcycle Club for rate ($77.00) Leg 1 will be starting in San Francisco, probably 7-8ish in the AM. The route with gas/lunch/meet up spots to be posted later. Keep an eye out for that on this thread or any other updates.
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