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  1. The TotD is a good 4-1/2 hours ride from Nashville (Knoxville is 4 hours away). It would be a pretty good hup to get there, ride it, and then shag it back to Nashville; you'd be a little tired when done.
  2. Is someone going to be there with a dyno doing cams and tuning?
  3. Hurricane Issac is pushing a lot of moisture out of the Gulf of Mexico. Friday, there's going to be a really good chance of thunderstorms from just west of Hot Springs and back to the east, with the squall line extending out of the gulf northward into Missouri. This is expected to be clearing to the northeast from the south sometime Friday night. If you're traveling into Hot Springs on Friday, be prepared for wet weather travel. PLEASE BE CAREFUL! By the way, the forecast for Saturday and Sunday is sunny and little chance of rain. I think the temperature should be unseasonably cool from the rainfall; a very welcome thing . . .
  4. Tom, it would be great to have a vendors list with times that they will be available for services/sales. Social events (I'd recommend ice cream runs as it is August in Arkansas) might be worth arranging, suggested lunching sites, things to see and places to go, routes to ride; those sorts of things might prove helpful to those folks who aren't familiar with the area. Just a suggestion.
  5. Is there some kind of itinerary or schedule of events for the 2012 VMC meet in Hot Springs?
  6. How about an event pin that looks like the new Victory logo for attendees? You could also consider having the "handles" placed on the T-shirts.
  7. Registration paid, reservations made. Look, I'm a poet and didn't know wit, but my feet sure show it, cause they sure are Longfellows . . .
  8. Let's see; that's two hours away from my house, and in the prettier part of the state. Will I be able to make it . . . No question about it; if I'm still drawing breath, I'll be there!
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