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  1. I recently had the Thor 2-1 and Lloyd Torque Tubes installed. Nice increase in torque, HP and sound. Better than Vic 2-1? I don't know. uyPwjs40utU
  2. Informal huh. Are there no scheduled events like sign in, rides, auctions, meals, keggers?
  3. Interested in attending. What is the schedule of events? I've looked for this and couldn't find it. Thanks
  4. Sounds a little like my first run (yesterday) since late November. I put Sta-Bil in the tank as always in prep for winter storage. Runs rough at start and for the first few miles. Gets better every minute. Looking forward to the first gas refill. I'll probably use a gas treatment to help clear plugs, valves, etc.
  5. Anyone else have an experience like this? Used battery tender jr. in early Janurary and fully charged the battery on a '09 Hammer parked in my unheated garage. Bike had been setting since mid Nov but it only took about one hour to do it. Then unplugged the tender from the extension cord but left it hooked to battery via the plug under the seat. Today, Feb 26, decided to charge it again to keep the battery in good condition. However, found the battery to be dead. Even after having it hooked about one hour, it's still dead. Turn the ignition key and no lights. Why did this happen? Did keeping the tender hookd up do this?
  6. * * Also in Vendor Forum * * Next week I'm having the RPW Thor 2-1 installed on a 09 Hammer. The bike's engine is stock including the stock airbox. The bike runs fine. My question is, will I need a remapping to avoid backfiring, flat spots or other problems? More power and torque is nice but not necessary at this point. I'll work on those items next summer. Thanks for the help.
  7. I need different barging ho for the gas tank. A sale would be great.
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