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  1. Will, hope to order something soon. I need to prioritize my list...too many wants and not enough money!! I do want to add some hard bags to my Vegas though, just have to figure out which ones and how much to spend.
  2. Hopefully Amy takes advantage of this sale!!! :y:
  3. Will, Thanks for the great work and customer service. I am enjoying the new look and can't wait to get more parts powder coated. Thanks again
  4. Glad to hear Will!!! Hope things keep moving forward for you!!!
  5. Will, Amy and I are thinking about you and the family and wishing you all our best!!! Need anything drop us a note!! Ray
  6. Like them all...Definately like the Winged-V or the Ball Milled designs.
  7. Congrats Will!!! I can't wait to see some pics of the grand opeining. I want to order one of your Shop T-Shirts when you get them!!! Congrats again!!! Ray
  8. Here are some pics of the great quality products I got from Will!!!
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