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  1. COUNT ME IN .....looking forward to the 2010 meet and seeing all you Vic riders again ,,the only downside ,no BRASS SADDLE AWARD for me this meet ..... :beer SOCIABLE :beer
  2. Well I finally slept in my own bed last nite , after 9742 kms,or 6000 miles, It was a time in my life that I'll never forget ,and I want to THANK YOU ALL for making it happen ,,,,Jim ,,you and your team really know how to throw a PARTY ,,,,,again THANK YOU ,,,,,,rerailer
  3. Just got home in Nova Scotia late last nite ,here are a few pics that I took....
  4. Sounds great Bear ,,the more the merrier,,,,rerailer
  5. coming out of NOVA SCOTIA,heading to the Soo to cross over into the US ,been emailing with VBEAR ,hopfully we will be traveling together
  6. Hey Jim ,Zane here ,, thanks I recieved the 2 VMC Meet posters today and I will be placing them in 2 dealerships here in Alberta ,early next week , again Thank you ,,, see ya in Billings ,,,,,rerailer
  7. Hey Jim ,,, any extras I'll take 2 , for a couple of dealers here in Alberta THANKS (rerailer) ,,,, And THANK YOU for posting USS New York in OTHER INTERESTS,,for me :y: :y:
  8. to be HONEST ,,,Will I don't know what they are coated in,,,,But I DO know ,,,,I LOVE THEM,,,,,,WOW
  9. Okay Will ,,, you have obviously put a lot of thought into this ,,,,seeing where I am a consumer and a rider , and you are a entrepeneur,businessman,idealist,craftman,rider,and friend ,I can see where your coming from ,,,,like I said earlier ''just throwing it out there '' Zane
  10. Hey Will ,,I'am just throwing this out there ,,,,how about doing something like that for tank badges ,,,, that says ''VICTORY', only
  11. Hey Jim ,,,,sending my cheque today ,,,sorry for the delay ,,,see ya all in July ,,,,rerailer
  12. I just Google my map to Billings from Fort McMurray,Alberta,,,,1645 kms away,,,looking forward to a GOOD TIME :y:
  13. Hello there ,, seeing where i live up here in Canada ,,, do you folks ship items up here ,,,cause i sure love to have a set of 4 axel nut covers , for my 06 Hammer......Zane (rerailer )
  14. Hello there ,,i am looking for caps , that will fit my 06 Hammer rear axle as well as my swing arm pivet nut ,,can you supply
  15. Thanks Jon ,,Ihave recieved my caps , they are going to look fine, ,NICE WORK again THANK YOU Zane (rerailer)
  16. Hello Will , finally got around to install flamed cheese wedges ,,, I think they LOOK great ,,,THANKS YOU,,,, Zane (rerailer)
  17. Hello Will , finally got around to install flamed cheese wedges ,,, I think they LOOK great
  18. FINALLY,,,Thanks You Will , for such an outstanding piece of art , that I can ride around and show off , and believe me , I do draw a crowd , its where,when, who,how much,is all I hear,,,again THANK YOU ,,,Will
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