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  1. The BCVR made it back to Houston. We all had a great time hanging out and meeting everyone. A big thanks to everyone involved in putting a great event. See you in Idaho.............maybe.
  2. The BCVR is leaving Houston at 0500 on Thursday. We should be in HS by early afternoon. Ride safe everyone and we'll see you there.
  3. I hit a board on my KP once and the bike shook enough to unplug the wires under the rear fender. I would check the wires like Kevin said before condemning the ACM.
  4. Will Vegas pipes fit a HighBall? If so, RPW sells a true dual exhaust for a Vegas, that might fit. Or you could go with a Bassani 2 into 1 short pipe. Both in black of course
  5. I had to go out and double check, no bar graph. If you want the air temp to display you will need the temp sensor, it's extra of course. It's really lame that we have to pay extra to get a software upgrade.
  6. My 2012 CR speedo reads 3-5 mph higher than my GPS all the time. So did my 09 KP. Maybe it will keep you out of a speeding ticket.
  7. Maybe you got a loose connector or a wire bundle pinched under the headlight? There are a lot of them in there.
  8. Really? No one has these AND a tape measure? Inquiring minds want to know.
  9. I would like to know the heights of the Victory Mid and Tall windshields from the top of the headlight cutout to the top of the W/S. Vic website says they are 28 and 30 inches overall, but how hi above the headlight is the screen? Thanks, RJ
  10. Did you have a long valve core installed? I had an issue with one when I checked the tire pressure, it caught one dyna bead and let all the air out. Its best to use the short style of valve cores when using dyna beads.
  11. Maybe I’m missing something and correct me if I’m wrong but, looking at the graph Tough Leather posted it looks to me like at 4600-4800 rpm the torque starts falling off and between 5200 and 5800 the horsepower flat lines then drops off at higher rpm’s So my question is: why do you want to push the rpm to 6000?
  12. I changed my cable last Sunday and didn't remove the tank. pulled out the old one and fished in the new one, added a few ty-wraps and I was done in less than 30 minutes. 2 hours sound a bit much, IMHO.
  13. I put mine on in an hour or two, not a big deal. Just follow the instructions.
  14. If I understand your problem, it sounds like your cables are adjusted a little tight. Adjust the throttle cables at the grip and the clutch cable at the lower end. Have you had the 500 mile service done yet? If so maybe they tightened them then.
  15. There is a special socket for it, but a 1- 1/16" six point socket fits, I have one if you need it.
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