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    VITO. Victory In The Ozarks Eureka Springs. Arkansas Dates are Friday May 20th thru Sunday May 22nd Motel Traveler's Inn 2044 East Van Buren, Phone number 1-479-363-6863. Everybody welcome come on down. Traveler's Inn and Lodge, 2044 E. Van Buren,
  2. Eventzilla is open if someone wants to join the ride, T Shirt ended on the 15th. Yes we have a list of who registered.
  3. rufun2sun

    VITO 2021

    From Club history, It is an outgrowth of VITO (Victory In The Ozarks) , which is always in the Spring. VITO became fairly popular in the region at one time, enough so that FITO (Fall In The Ozarks) was organized as the second event of the year. Back in the day, the Ozark Mountain LC, was involved along with Great Plains. VITO is held in Eureka Springs Arkansas. FITO was held there also primarily, but was held in Harrison Arkansas a few times too. VITO drew over 100 attendees at times, from several States. FITO never got that big.
  4. What is the V2V you ask? ABOUT THE EVENT In 1921, a group of American citizens formed a group, known as the Victory Highway Association, to create a transcontinental highway to commemorate American Forces members who were killed in action during World War 1. The highway, which existed between 1921 and 1938, went through numerous configurations and iterations using existing and specially constructed roads, bridges and ferries. This highway would be known as the Victory Highway and it crossed the country between New York City and San Francisco, California. In the spirit and celebration of all veterans, and those who gave us their ultimate sacrifice, the Victory Motorcycle Club has been completing this trek for 20 years. Thanks to all the past V2V Chairmen, Leg Captains, and Participants that made it possible to declare this year as our 21st. This year’s two week, thirteen leg journey will begin in San Francisco, CA and head east across the western desert, rising to the Rocky Mountains, rolling through the agricultural plains of the Midwest, and finishing at Staten Island, NY This year the ride begins on 6/22/2021 and ends 7/4/2021 in Staten Island. The ride consists of 13 legs, each leg is 1 day and led by a Leg Captain who has the baton, a jar of sand from the Pacific Ocean, and the Spot which allows the entire membership to track the progress of the ride as it goes across the country.
  5. Looks Like all that is needed is Leg 1 at this time. Who is going to Start it?
  6. UPDATE: Leg Captains for Legs 1, and 13 are all that is needed now.
  7. UPDATE: Still need legs 1, 4, 13 covered.
  8. Update: Leg Captains needed, 1, 4, 11, 12, 13
  9. Let us know as soon as you can.
  10. Need leg Captains for legs 1-3, and 11-13. 6-10 are taken care of. East and West coast riders, We need you to step up.
  11. Fellow Victory Riders It is time to start preparations for V2V 2021! The VMC board of directors agreed to explore interest in the event this year. As you know, the 2020 V2V was canceled due to the pandemic. This historic event will require many volunteers, planning, and organization, especially with COVID-19 concerns and limitations. I am honored to be one of the coordinators this year. Tony Schleisman, aka rufun2sun, from Ottumwa, IA has also volunteered. If there are enough volunteer leg captains, then we will proceed with planning this event. Leg captains are responsible for planning the route, choosing a hotel, as well as selecting gas and lunch/dinner stops. We understand that restaurants may have restrictions in place due to the pandemic, so this part of the planning will require a considerable amount of attention. It might also be beneficial for there to be alternate stop locations. The start and end destinations of each leg are up to the Leg Captains. The chart below suggests major cities close to the original Route 40. They are also more recognizable to folks not familiar to the specific area. Whether the destination is Castle Rock or Fort Morgan instead of Denver, it is up to the Leg Captain. Leg # Date Start Point End Point 1 6/22/2021 San Francisco Reno 2 6/23/2021 Reno Ely, NV 3 6/24/2021 Ely, NV Salt Lake, UT 4 6/25/2021 Salt Lake, UT Craig, CO 5 6/26/2021 Craig, CO Fort Morgan, CO 6 6/27/2021 Fort Morgan, CO Wilson, KS 7 6/28/2021 Wilson, KS Kansas City, MO 8 6/29/2021 Kansas City, MO St. Louis, MO 9 6/30/2021 St. Louis, MO Indianapolis, IN 10 7/1/2021 Indianapolis, IN Columbus, OH 11 7/2/2021 Columbus, OH Uniontown, PA 12 7/3/2021 Uniontown, PA Frederick, MD 13 7/4/2021 Frederick, MD Staten Island, NY Securing leg captains is the first step in planning this event. We are reaching out to former leg captains, regional reps, and others who have expressed interest in volunteering to help plan. Feel free to pass this request on to others that may be willing to volunteer. Please let me know your thoughts and if you are willing to accept a leg or several. Vivian Hardin Aka, Pushstart
  12. Who is interested in joining other Vic riders along the route to LV. Put in your planed routes and dates, lunch stops?
  13. rufun2sun


    Vision gathering, Harrison Arkansas, Sept 29, 2021
  14. Sorry, just like to know what I’m getting myself into. So $10.00 per day for bike or is it $10.00 per day for room? And if it’s per room how many allowed? Trailering info doesn’t list how much that parking is?
  15. until
    End of Summer Victory Gathering Details Sunday Sept 20th at 1:30 PM – 5 PM Victory Gathering At The Hall in Des Moines, Address: 111 S 11th St, West Des Moines, IA 50265 Hosted by Central Iowa Victory Riders Calling ALL Victory riders, come show your Vic, enjoy food and fellowship with other Vic riders.
  16. I was trying to share to the local chapter and could not get it figured out.
  17. 2008 Victory Vision

  18. I see someone said Holiday Inn for hotel, any contact info? Is the hotel where the get together will take place? Is there a schedule of events?
  19. I plan on riding, at least in the Midwest maybe more.
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