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  1. Few pics from today at Days Inn. shakey
  2. Late notice,we waited in Vandalia,11 15 to `12,turned arou8nd came home. shakey
  3. Where is lunch gonna be?Wanna meet up somewhere in Illinois. shakey
  4. Collinsville has lotsa eateries,close to me also. Right off Hwy 55. shakey
  5. Sonic,in Vandalia on Sunday?Wanna meet up somewhere along route,whats ur route on Sunday? shakey im in Edwardsville,Il
  6. Good luck guys.Thurs and Fri St Louiks area temps gonna be 104! shakey
  7. Thanks guys!I don't ride hard,so I think I'll be ok.Plus I dont have the 190 bucks anyway! shakey
  8. I know what manual says,how far can I go?08 Kingpin 18,000 miles shakey
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