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  1. Jim, Sylvia and I made it home yesterday about 5:30 PM We rode with Steve & Shari from Boise area. They went swiming at Lowman so Sylvia & I left and headed home from there. I have swam in that river before and it makes you talk in a High Voice if you know what I mean. Like I told you in Billings " You did a GREAT job" You make us proud to call you our friend. Late Buddy - That is in a couple of weeks. Everyone is looking forward to seeing you and Joan again. Have to get a picture of you in the Roadster. Dave 8)
  2. I have to agree with you that it was hard to fine out info on this rally. With that being said Yes my wife and I will be going to the event. We will be staying at the Jackson Hole Lodge the 19th & 20th. Hope to meet up with you and do some riding together. We ride a 2003 TC with Yellow to Red flames. :chpr Dave B Starkey
  3. Jim, You know Sylvia and I will be there. At this time I think Greg and Shelly will be riding with us, but there may be more. I want to find out when Vern and Bev are riding over.
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