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  1. I still think a re-route should be considered on the Lincoln Highway...... start at both coasts and meet in Nebraska for the big celebration for 100 yr anniversary of first trans-continental highway. Such an event might encourage more riders to make a whole "half trip" with the group. Otherwise, I'm hoping to join up in KC..... and ride west for a while.
  2. I think there should be consideration to a route change this year. It's the 100th Anniversary of the first transcontinental highway, US-30 (aka the Lincoln Highway). There are a lot of activities and events to celebrate this milestone. There might be many riders (myself included) who would be motivated to be part of this. http://www.lincolnhighwayassoc.org/news/2011/03/11/centennial_tour_preview/
  3. I'm planning to ride US-12 from Ortonville, MN (my boyhood home on MN/SD border) all the way to Lewiston...... probably take three days. My first night will be in Forsythe, MT (have friends there)..... then two days the rest of trip through the mountains, etc. Hwy US-12 is very scenic through the Dakotas, Montana and Idaho..... not much traffic either. Anyone coming from southeast is welcome to join up in Forsythe also. If anyone wants to join up, let me know.
  4. Thanks, Patti..... hope I can make this fit in my schedule. .
  5. Sure would like to know if the dates for the 2012 run are set yet..... at least the start/end dates if known. I'm trying to schedule a trip out West and would be fun to ride the V2V eastbound on the way back to the Midwest. .
  6. Where is the BBQ site..?? Also, I asked the front desk at the Pear Tree Inn to block the level parking in the garage for everyone to park
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